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Defiance - C.J. Redwine Check out my blog and my other reviews!I have heard such great things about Defiance from so many trustworthy Goodreads friends. I'm really disappointed that I didn't enjoy Defiance and that I had to abandon it at the halfway point. I tried my best to enjoy Defiance but it's not exactly my cuppa tea. Keep in mind that I didn't read the whole novel, I only read the first half. Defiance lacks any world building at all, I was pretty confused about the setting. Why do they have things like tracking devices but they lack guns? If you have the technology for tracking devices then why can't you develop guns? Aren't guns more efficient than using swords? At first I thought this was some sort of medieval society because of the sexism but then I encountered the tracking devices. Around what time period does Defiance take place? How did this dystopian society arise? Another thing that bothered me was who in the right mind would appoint a 19 year old to be the guardian of a 16 year old and make them move in together? Shouldn't her father appointed someone older and more responsible (and less possessive)? I had so many freaking questions about the world building in the first half and not one of them was answered. You might say that these questions are answered later on but I had no motivation to keep on reading. Barely anything happened in the first half of Defiance. There is virtually little to no action or plot at all in the beginning of this novel. All we have in the first segment of this book is dialogue and some character development. I don't mind a slow moving plot but Defiance was way too slow-paced and the dialogue was pretty shabby. Something that really bothered me was that the only character I semi-liked died so early on. This character was the only character that I liked and C.J. Redwine decided to kill him/her off! There is one character in Defiance that annoyed disgusted me beyond words. I couldn't stand Logan at all and I hated him with all of my guts. Logan is the most infuriating, sexist male character I have ever read about yet so many readers are enamored with him. A quick glance through my Goodreads revealed to me that so many female readers were fangirling and obsessing over Logan. Why would you be obsessed with a sexist and possessive character? There's nothing sexy about sexism. Logan even threatens Rachel just for leaving the house, "And then I'm going to lock her in my loft for as long as it takes...". I never knew abusive, sexist behaviour could be justified and yet Goodreads members kept defending Logan. Don't worry it gets even worse than this! Logan later becomes the modern equivalent of CNN, he becomes a rape apologist! "If a guard sees her dressed like that, he won't hesitate to take what he thinks she's freely offering..." So if a guard raped Rachel it would be her fault for dressing like that, what kind of nonsense is this. Rape is rape. You can't excuse something as terrible as rape like CNN did during the Steubenville Trial and like Logan does in Defiance. It's extremely sad pathetic that I have to preach that rape is wrong during a review for a book. You could say that Logan is a product of his misogynistic society? People have told me this on Goodreads but there's no excuse for sexism. Even if you grow up in a sexist society, you still can rise up and realize that sexism is wrong. You don't have to agree with society's perception of things, I don't argue with alot of things society brainwashes people into believing. Even if society does believe in something wrong, it's your job as a citizen to rise above society. The romance in this book is extremely badly written and just very cliche. Immediately Rachel falls head over heels for Logan despite the fact that Logan acts like a jerk to her. Rachel claims she is so strong then why does she need to rely on Logan? One second Rachel claims she hates Logan's guts than the next second she was fawning over him. What on earth was appealing about Logan? Is sexist, possessive, and abusive in style now? At least if Redwine wanted to include romance in her book, she should have make it more realistic. There is nothing realistic about this romance, it's a bad case of insta-love. C.J. Redwine's writing style in Defiance is pretty mediocre. Usually I love alternating point-of-views but the alternating pov in Defiance didn't cut it. Alternating point-of-views usually advance the story or give the reader more insight about a character. All the alternating point of view did was make me feel even more disgusted by Logan. Also C.J. Redwine used this one analogy which really bothered me. "Lower Market is laid out like a man's back". What is the point of this senseless analogy? I tried to like Defiance, I really did. I didn't have such high expectations for this book and yet I was still extremely disappointed. I don't see myself ever continuing this book because I really didn't enjoy it. If you're still questioning whether to read, you'll probably enjoy it because I'm part of the small minority who didn't enjoy this book.