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Eleanor & Park

Eleanor & Park - Rainbow Rowell Eleanor & Park is a whirlwind of a novel, it is packed with raw emotion and beauty in each and every page. It's been way too long since I enjoyed a contemporary novel and I was beginning to think maybe I wasn't cut out to read the genre. E&P restored my faith that there is still life left in Contemporary fic and that it could still wow me! I heard how powerful and emotional this novel was, but nothing could prepare me for what Rainbow Rowell had in store for me. Eleanor & Park is a deep, heartbreaking, and so painstakingly real of what it means to fall in love. Both Eleanor & Park aren't the typical stock characters that are so commonly found in YA lit. For one, Eleanor is kind of overweight and she has extremely curly red hair. Park is half Korean and he's a pretty sensitive guy who isn't afraid to experiment with who he is. Rowell's characters are groundbreaking because they are unlike any other characters I have ever seen. Eleanor & Park don't just deviate from the norm, they are proud to be unique and standout from the crowd. It was interesting to see their relationship progress from the awkward bus scene in the beginning to the heart wrenching conclusion. Watching the pair slowly, slowly learn what it means to be in love was just something else and I quickly fell in love with both of them. It's nearly impossible not to fall in love with E&P because they are such a wonderful couple and they complemented each other. Besides being a heartbreaking romance, Eleanor & Park is a deep and profound read. Rowell explores parental abuse, gender roles, and being different. I loved how unconventional and unique E&P's relationship was. This book is heartbreaking, you will definitely need several tissues while reading this book. It's not just the ending that's heartwrenching, I found Eleanor's siblings so upsetting. Maybe I'm just unrealistic, but why have kids, if you're not going to treat them well? I kind of hated Eleanor's mom, but at the same time I felt so bad for her. I was so annoyed how she didn't stand up to her husband and tolerated him. Seriously, I know it's hard but you need to be strong for your kids and protect them. Overall, Eleanor & Park has the perfect amount of adorable, fluffy romance and heartbreaking, thought-provoking moments. You will fall in love with E&P, and you will, without a doubt, root for them from the very beginning. Rowell is an expert at making complex, lovable characters and these characters gave me hope that maybe true love can exist! Thank you, Rainbow Rowell, for renewing my faith in Contemporary-Lit! I will definitely read Attachments and I'm so excited for Fangirl! The ending of this book was so fitting and perfect but I am still debating whether I should be crying in a corner or singing 80's love ballads. I'd highly, highly recommend reading Eleanor & Park and no review could do this beautiful book justice. Eleanor & Park is a beautiful, bittersweet book that perfectly captures first love and will make you swoon and cry all within a few pages.