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Crewel - Seen at City of BooksWriting a review for Crewel is a daunting task because it's hard to express how much I enjoyed this book in just one short review. If you are on Goodreads and you've never heard of Crewel then I think you maybe Patrick Star. What I mean is that you've probably been living under a rock if you've haven't heard of Crewel. Crewel has been extremely hyped and has divided much of the Goodreads community. I was really unsure coming into Crewel because I had extremely high expectations. Crewel is one of those books that live up to the hype and was just simply brilliant. Crewel really reminded of Lois Lowry's Giver but that's not a bad thing considering I LOVE The Giver beyond words. Crewel like Lowry's Giver is an extremely original read that is very thought-provoking. Crewel is the story of Adelice who has been trained to hide her gift of being able to weave time. Her parents are trying to avoid her inevitable fate of becoming a Spinster, one of the elite and most powerful women in all of Arras. Spinsters are basically the equivalent of becoming a movie star in Arras because it seems like every little girl wants to be a Spinster. Becoming a Spinster is not the opulent and fabulous life style most people think it to be. Adelice is swept into a conflict she wold have ever seen coming and a *drum roll* love triangle. Spinsters don't need to rely on a man unlike the other women in Arras. A woman is required to have a husband at merely 18 and the government controls all reproduction. I really found Arras to be a horrifyingly beautiful society. Crewel had fan-freaking-tastic world building that really added an unique feel to Gennifer Albin's society. I liked how Gennifer Albin didn't just info-dump Arras on us instead she slowly eases the world building to the plot. I didn't feel immediately overwhelmed by this strangely beautiful world unlike in most Dystopias. I also really enjoyed how Crewel's Arras isn't like most Dystopian societies. In most Dystopias the setting is just merely a setting and nothing more. Similar to in Beautiful Creatures Arras isn't just a mere background to the plot and I know this may sound incoherent but Arras is like a vital character in Crewel. Arras is a surreal and brilliantly done setting that surpasses all Dystopian societies in every aspect. The characters in Crewel are not your average characters. Adelice is definitely one of my favorite heroines in YA literature because of her tough but likeable personality. Adelice never took no for an answer and she was extremely determined. Her love interests Erik and Jost were both complex but developed characters. Basically the characters in Crewel are the cream of the crop of characters in YA literature and I know you'll form a connection with these characters/ I like reading books that you can tell the authors really put a lot of effort and devotion into. Crewel is simply one of those books that you can tell Albin really enjoyed writing. Crewel is not one of those books where a great premise is poorly executed Albin has the perfect formula of action, romance, adventure and humor. Another thing that I really appreciated is that Crewel's love triangle is well-done in the fact that it didn't make me roll my eyes like most love triangles. If you read my reviews frequently enough you'll know that at this point love triangles are my kryptonite. I usually can't love triangles at all due to the fact that almost every single book features one. Gennifer Albin made the love triangle a realistic but not overwhelming component of Crewel. It appears that the love triangle was solved in the end of Crewel but who knows? I honestly wouldn't care if the triangle continued in Crewel's 2nd book. Crewel is a book that gives me confidence that there is still some originality left in the YA market. Albin's debut is nothing short of spectacular and it will make you beg for a sequel. Despite having a love triangle it didn't give me the typical cringing and eye-rolling. I'll admit it that despite hating love triangles I really enjoyed the romance between Erik, Adelice and Jost. All of the characters in Crewel are extremely likeable and I immediately rooted for them. Crewel was a fast-paced original book that I couldn't stop reading for one second and I know that as soon as I can get book 2 I will devour it. Crewel is the cream of the crop when it comes to YA literature and it left me utterly speechless.