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Asunder - Seen at Scott Reads It Asunder was simply breathtaking. By the time I reached the final page I was immediately craving the sequel. Asunder took everything I loved about Incarnate and fixed everything that didn't work in Incarnate to create a novel of epic proportions. Asunder is one of the few sequels that outshine their predecessors. I am warning you that there will be spoilers for Incarnate! After the catastrophe that was Templedark, many people that died became darksouls (souls who wouldn't reincarnate). Ana has become a scapegoat and people are getting suspicious of her. Many of the citizens of Heart start to feel more contempt for Ana when she figures out how to interact with sylphs in a new way. Ana is still struggling to fit in Heart, to fall in love, and to be accepted. I don't want to say much more about the plot because I am afraid of giving something major away. I love the world Meadows created immensely because it is just so brilliantly done. Heart is a place that I can vividly picture due to the spectacular imagery Meadows wrote in the New Soul trilogy. Any complaints or questions I had about the world building were either fixed or answered. Heart is unlike any other setting I have ever read about because it is so exquisite. I can't wait to find out what other secrets are hidden in Heart in book 3. All the characters in Asunder are nothing short of spectacular. My favorites are Sam and Ana because their relationship is truly touching. I don't think I have ever been so engrossed in a character's romance. I got so involved to the point when I wanted to jump into Asunder and shout at all the New Soul haters. It sounds crazy but that is the kind of raw emotion I experienced when reading Asunder. I really enjoyed learning more about our protagonists and I hope their relationship remains intact. I love reading books where the villains are absolutely terrifying and Asunder features villains that were horrifyingly wicked. Asunder is a breath-taking romance that swept me away! I was completely immersed in the beautiful world of Asunder and I couldn't stop reading. I was so compelled to read Asunder that by the time that it was over I craved a sequel desperately. I was immersed in Asunder that I didn't really care about the world around me. I could have read Asunder through an earthquake without even noticing because it is that compelling. Nothing else mattered to me but Ana and Heart while reading Asunder. Asunder is that gripping that you'll want to read it one sitting. I truly loved learning more about Janan, Slyphs, and just Heart in general. The mythology of Heart that Meadows created was really interesting to read about and was one of my favorite parts of Asunder. One of my original complaints about Incarnate is that I didn't really understand the reincarnation, Janan or the slyphs. Meadow's explanation of reincarnation was truly haunting and unforgettable. Heart is no longer that the lovely city I wanted to live in book 1, now it's a place full of deceit and lies. I am so desperately to find out what secrets the walls of Heart would reveal if they could talk (for those of you read Incarnate, that was a joke meant for you!). Meadows's latest book turned me into someone what of an emotional train-wreck I desperately need book 3 to the point where I am ready to resort to begging. I am almost 100% positive that book 3 will be called Ascend and if you've read Asunder you can probably guess why. Asunder is my favorite book I have read so far in 2013 and it is one of the best dystopian books ever written period. That shocking plot twist revealed is haunting me still days after finishing Asunder. Words fail to describe the awesomeness that is Asunder. No words could express how much I enjoyed reading Asunder and how much I desperately need to read the 3rd book. I beg thee Harper Teen to release the cover or title soon because I dying of suspense. I am convinced that the wait till book 3 is released is some new form of intense torture that is tearing me apart.