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UnWholly (Unwind, #2)

UnWholly - Neal Shusterman Find this review & others at Scott Reads ItI still have to process how incredible this book was. Unwholly is a roller coaster ride of a novel. This book will tear you up again and again. Unwholly picks up where Unwind left off: Connor is in charge of the graveyard, Risa is in a wheelchair, and Lev has become a symbol of the down fall of society. I really loved how Neal Shusterman showed us more of the characters of Unwind and they seemed alot more developed than in Unwind. Besides the returning characters from Unwind there is also a whole new bunch of characters. One of the new characters is Cam a "rewound"- a person made from parts of different unwinds. At the same time I hated and really liked Cam, I hated what he represented but loved his personality! This book has tons of insane and epic action sequences. This book isn't only action there alot of dramatic scenes that really messed me up. I love how Neal Schusterman added Pro-Unwinding articles between sections of the book. Also if you read Unwind a while ago the book has a bit of a recap in the beginning which was very helpful. Another aspect of this book that was really fantastic was the alternating point of view. The alternating point of view helped you see into the mind of many AWHOLS and pro Unwinding people. I really got a clear sense of the world of Unwinding from the alternating pov. Possibly one of the greatest parts of the book is you find out why Unwinding started, yes in Unwind they explained it but in Unwholly you get a better sense is how could anyone want to unwind someone. I need Unbroken right now. I have a feeling that Unbroken will make me feel unwinded and then rewound. Neal Shusterman has a reputation of messing with my emotions with his Unwind books. I really want to read all of Neal Schusterman's books and I think I will start with the Skinjacker Trilogy. Hopefully there won't be a 5 year wait until Broken but who knows? I recommend Unwholly for those who loved Unwind and are ready to be brutally torn apart with emotions. This is definitely one of the best dystopias I ever read and that's a big deal considering I have read a decent amount. I think Unwholly surpassed Unwind in all aspects! There's tons of great dialogue, plot, action, adventure, emotional scenes, and so much more. Unwholly is one of those great books that once you finish you're not really done because you won't be able to stop thinking about it. Unwholly is practically everything a book needs (except for a sneak peek of Unbroken).5/5 Stars