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A Trick of the Light

A Trick of the Light - Lois Metzger Check out Scott Reads It! for reviews, giveaways, & more! A Trick Of The Light offers an unique peek into the life of Mike Welles, a male suffering from anorexia. Many people who don't know that males are just as susceptible to anorexia as females; it was genius for Metzger to show anorexia in a whole new light. A Trick Of The Light has one of the most interesting and disturbing narrators I've read to date. This book is actually narrated by anorexia who is a voice in Mike's head urging him to change his life. A Trick Of The Light is a haunting, realistic portrayal of anorexia and the way it slowly destroys lives . Anorexia isn't just a disease, it's this small part of victims that they can choose to listen to or ignore. When victims give in to this harasser, anorexia slowly takes control and begins to dominate their lives. Anorexia is all consuming, there's no one who seems to be unaffected when a family member or a friend has anorexia. Anorexia is all consuming both for the individual who has it and those who know somebody with it. A Trick Of The Light is a well-written, cautionary tale in the tradition of Go Ask Alice. Readers will learn the effects and symptoms of anorexia along side Mike Welles. This book really captures what anorexia truly is in a respectable, easily comprehensible manner. A Trick Of The Light is a great way for educators and parents to introduce their students and children to what anorexia is. I can picture this becoming required reading in a health class because it's short and straight to the point. Since A Trick Of The Light is such a quick read, the novel isn't too detailed or informative. I expected to learn a little about anorexia, but much of the information was basic knowledge that I was already familiar with. Since the novel is from the point of view of anorexia, you never really get into Mike's head. Sure, the reader gets small glimpses of what he was thinking, but the reader never emotionally connects with Mike. I really believe that Metzger should have alternated between Mike's POV and anorexia's POV to give this novel more of an emotional punch. I truly think what Metzger accomplished in A Trick Of Light is amazing, but I think it needed to a bit longer to add more sustenance. A Trick Of The Light isn't as powerful and poignant as I would've expected, but it does get it's point across. Lois Metzger showed anorexia in a refreshing, original way; this is definitely worth a read! Another interesting tactic was writing the dialogue in play or screenplay format which is something I haven't quite seen in YA prior to this. A Trick Of The Light is fast-paced, disturbingly accurate book that is a must for those unfamiliar with the effects of anorexia.