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Bang (Visions)

Bang - Lisa McMann Seen at Scott Reads It! I am a huge fan of Lisa McMann, her books are my guilty pleasure. I haven't read all of her books yet but the ones I have read have been pretty entertaining. There is just something so addicting about Lisa McMann's books. Bang is such a simple but powerful novel. Lisa McMann takes something as ordinary as star-crossed lovers and turns into an extremely original book. This definitely isn't your average paranormal YA book. Lisa McMann talks about alot of controversial topics like bipolar disease, hoarders, and mass shootings in Bang. All of these controversial topics are dealt with in such interesting ways. Bang moves at a fast pace and the pages really just flew by. This book was really entertaining but certain plot elements felt reused from Crash. Just when I thought something was going to happen, *BANG* Lisa McMann threw in a plot twist that completely surprised me. Honestly the ending of this book is spectacular, it was such a gut-wrenching and intense scene. Jules and Sawyer are such a fantastic couple, personally I feel like they are perfect for each other. Why can't star-crossed lovers end up happy? Why do they have to experience tragedy? Maybe I'm just realistic but it upset me every single time there was an obstacle in the way of their relationship. McMann does a great job at making their romance interesting to read about. Sometimes the romance was a bit cheesy but for the most part it was really sweet. I really hope everything ends well for Jules and Sawyer because they have been through so much and they deserve to be happy. This book is one slender book and I just wish it was a bit longer. I was enjoying it so much that I didn't want it to end. I desperately need book #3 right now, I'm happy there was no cliffhanger. If there was a cliffhanger, I would probably be so upset. I have a feeling that there will be such a long wait till book #3. Bang is an extremely engrossing and addicting novel that I'd definitely reccommend. I'm pretty psyched for book #3, I just wish it's release date wasn't so far away. Now I definitely need to read The Unwanteds and Dead To You by Lisa McMann. Thank you Simon Pulse for providing me with an ARC of Bang, in exchange for a honest review.