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Spellbinding - Maya Gold Check out Scott Reads It! for reviews, giveaways, & more! Spellbinding is a quick read about a girl named Abby who discovers that she is the descendent of a witch from Salem. It's an interesting concept bogged down by a mediocre plot, uninteresting characters, and a dreadful romance. I really wanted to like Spellbinding, but it was executed terribly. Spellbinding is filled to the brim with cliches and generic, overused paranormal tropes. It's kind of ridiculous when a quarter of a book is devoted to something so painfully obvious. Even if I had not read the description for Spellbinding, I would have figured from the first chapter that Abby is descended from a Salem witch and is a witch herself. The author made it so obnoxiously obvious with so many clues and it was ridiculous that it took Abby so long to figure it out. When the fact that Abby is a witch is revealed, the author treated it like it was such an unpredictable plot twist. Too much time is devoting to Abby finding out she is a witch and my interest quickly slipped away due to the predictable nature of the novel. Truthfully this novel reads like it could be for middle-schoolers or even younger. Despite the fact that this book is about a teen in high school, this novel feels very childish. Everything is so obvious as if the author thinks that her readers are dimwitted. I really don't think I would have even liked this in elementary school because this book is truthfully very transparent and it seems to lack any proper conflict. Any conflict is treated with such disregard and it didn't feel like there was any tension at all. The writing is extremely bland to put the icing on the cake and the characters are about as interesting as cardboard. The romance feels like something out of elementary school where kids can hold hands and they are automatically "going out". I'm not sure if the characters even hold hands or kiss more than once. The protagonist Abby instantly falls in love with 2 guys creating a nonsensical love triangle, despite the fact that Abby lacks chemistry with either guy. Elementary and Middle School relationships are a lot more intimate and intense than the romance in Spellbinding. The only thing I can say that Spellbinding has going for it is it's readability. This book was such a quick read and I didn't feel like reading it was a chore. I was surprised how fast I plowed through this novel despite the fact that it didn't look so short. If the author had included some substance in this book this could have been a fun, quick read. Despite the fact that this book is plagued with cliches, it wasn't exactly a tortuous read. This is definitely one of the worst paranormal novels I've ever read, but I can't bring myself to give this book one star. One star would imply that I hated it, but my feelings for this book are more complex than a simple one star. Spellbinding is a poorly thought-out novel that was extremely unsatisfying and dull.