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Immortal City

Immortal City - Scott Speer Seen at Scott Reads It!!! What's up with Immortal City? We have a book where angels are celebrities who appear on billboards, TV Shows, and are practically worshiped by most citizens. Maddy seems to be one of the only people who doesn't care for Angels at all. She cares about going to college, getting good grades, and her job. On the other hand Jackson Godspeed is going to be a Guardian Angel, his job will soon to be save the wealthy. Guardian Angels can't save everyone, they are only allowed to save only those who can afford their services. Immortal City is by far the most original angel book I have ever read. Most angel books on the YA market seem to feature obnoxious angels who are completely stalkers. Immortal City takes everything you know about angels and completely distorts the way you see angels. I loved Speer's wildly unique spin on angels. For once there is no love triangle in sight (Finally!! Thank the literary gods!). Maddy was a fantastic character because she was extremely down to earth! She didn't care about the world of Angels because to her it was foolish and frivolous. Everyone else in Immortal City seems to love Jackson Godspeed because he's an Angel and good looking. . Maddy didn't fall in love with Jackson for his looks, she loved him for who he was as a person. Jackson on the other hand was sweet and charming. I knew that he truly cared for Maddy and her well being. Gwen is Maddy's best friend and she annoyed the hell out of me. I couldn't understand why Gwen and Maddy were friends because they were polar opposites. Plotwise Immortal City moves at a fast pace with a perfect blend of action and romance. The action scenes had a cinematic feel and were very well written. The romance between Maddy and Jackson was extremely realistic and sweet. They didn't just instantly fall in love but they gradually started to love each other. Jackson and Maddy is one of the most interesting couples I have read about recently in YA. Immortal City is an extremely entertaining and worthwhile read! I really look forward to reading the second book, Natural Born Angel soon. Who ever said that the paranormal genre lacks originality needs to read Immortal City! For all those looking for a fun & light read, Immortal City is just the book you've been looking for.