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The Madman's Daughter

The Madman's Daughter - Check out Scott Reads It! for reviews, giveaways, and more! The Madman's Daughter is an extremely peculiar retelling of The Island Of Dr. Moreau. On one hand I loved it but on the other hand it infuriated me so much with that ending. Honestly I am convinced that Megan Shepherd was trying to torture the reader with that unexpectedly painful ending. The Madman's Daughter starts with a bang and immediately immerses the reader in Juliet's strange world. From the first couple of pages, I knew that I immediately liked her from the moment she said: “Dead flesh and sharpened scalpels didn't bother me. I was my father’s daughter, after all. My nightmares were made of darker things.” Juliet isn't your typical YA heroine, she's has a lot more skeletons in her closet than most characters. Juliet never ceased to surprise me throughout the entire novel and she is truly a fascinating character. Once Juliet arrived on the island, I'll admit that my attention started to waver. I just wasn't that interested in Juliet's romantic escapades with Montgomery and Edward. Don't get me wrong, the romance in this book isn't terrible but I think the author should have focused more on other things. There was too much of a focus on romance in the middle segment of this book. Just as I thought that I was done with reading Madman's Daughter and that I should DNF, the story really picked up. From that moment on, I couldn't peel myself from this book and I just had to read more. Shepherd threw in so many plot twists that I didn't see coming and I just couldn't stop reading. All of the plot twists were things I probably should have seen coming but didn't. The plot twists were definitely brilliantly executed and compelled me to continue reading. The ending was so unexpected that I just need to discuss it once again. Never in a billion years would I have predicted that it would end like this. I'm not even sure what the sequel will be about considering the ending and the way it was executed. I'm debating whether to call it a cliffhanger but it was still such a cruel, yet superb way to end this book. If I had any doubt in my mind about reading the sequel (which I didn't), now there's no way I'll miss out on it! The Madman's Daughter was such a creepy, gothic delight! I can't remember the last time I read an ending that fantastic. Honestly, I don't know how I will be able to wait till January 2014 for the sequel. I haven't read The Island Of Dr. Moreau but now I desperately need to. The Madman's Daughter is one strange novel that is as compelling as it is unique.