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Son - Lois Lowry Check out Scott Reads It! for giveaways, reviews & more! I started The Giver Quartet long ago and it feels bittersweet ending a series that I hold so dearly. Finishing Son felt like saying goodbye to a dear friend who you've known for years, and I didn't want this friendship to be over. Like friendships, The Giver Quartet had it's ups and downs, but overall it's been one amazing experience reading about the frightening world Lowry has created. Son is the heartbreaking, beautiful ending to a one of a kind series. I was a bit skeptical about reading Son because I wasn't sure how Lowry would be able to connect all 4 books and conclude their stories in one volume. Honestly, Lowry blew me away with her abilities intertwine The Giver companions in such subtle, unpredictable ways. There was even closure to The Messenger, which ended in a way that I found horrible when I originally read it. Now I'm actually surprisingly satisfied with The Messenger's ending because of Son. There are no loose ends in Son and everything comes full circle in such a spectacular way. Son actually skews to an older audience than the rest of The Giver novels. This book is much more emotional and dark than I expected from Lowry. Truthfully I can definitely see why Lowry decided to cater this book to a little bit older audience and it worked extremely well. There's something for everybody in Son; there's definitely major crossover appeal. Lowry explores topics like growing older, maternal love, and good vs. evil in such genius ways. Lowry is truly the master of dystopian fiction, there's nothing like The Giver Quartet! I can't express how emotional Son is and just how satisfying of a conclusion it is. I was swarmed with a cavalcade of emotions and it was truly heartbreaking to see everything wrapped up. Son is by far, one of the conclusions to a series I've ever read and probably will ever read. I can't commend Lois Lowry and praise her literary geniusness enough. This is a book you won't want to miss and I'm so excited to see how The Giver translates to the big screen. Son is a beautiful, lyrical conclusion that is utterly heartbreaking. Words fail to describe how powerful this book is, you have to read it to comprehend the raw emotion and beauty Lowry ingrains in her stories. Son is simply fantastic to put it bluntly, I would highly recommend reading this one. Lowry has proven once again with Son that her books are unparalleled.