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Invincible (Chronicles of Nick Series #2)

Invincible - Sherrilyn Kenyon Seen at Scott Reads It I read the first Chronicles of Nick book (Infinity) in the summer but for some reason I didn't pick up Invincible until recently. I have been bombarded with so many ARCs that I just didn't have the time to read Invincible. Now that I think of it, that was a very bad decision on my part! I really wish I read this book sooner because it was that awesome! Sherrilyn Kenyon takes everything you know about demons, zombies, and vampires and just throws it out the window. Everything in the Chronicles of Nick is completely original and fun. The Chronicles Of Nick series is unlike any paranormal series I have read. Usually when there's a medley of different types of paranormal creatures, everything becomes washed down and uninteresting. In The Chronicles Of Nick series quite the opposite takes place. Every single paranormal character is completely necessary and adds something special to the book. Invincible is a book that I wasn't able to put down no matter what. In the second installment in the Chronicle of Nick series there is tons of action scenes. The action scenes were extremely exciting to read and they were perfectly written. To balance out the action scenes, Kenyon adds tons of humor that will make the reader laugh out loud. I like how despite the fact that there is romance in Invincible it doesn't interfere with the action or slow down the plot. There isn't really much romance in Invincible and I felt like this book needed more romance. This one of the few cases where I actually craved a bit of romance in a book. I needed a fun, light book and this was just what I was looking for. Nick deserves his own paragraph in my review because he is just that awesome. I really love Nick's sarcastic and witty attitude because it provided me with a few laughs. Nick's attitude toward his mom is truly touching and pretty darn noteworthy. Even though Nick doesn't want to show it, he is a big fluffy teddy bear when it comes to his mom. Sherrilyn Kenyon succeeded in creating a protagonist that I was constantly rooting for. There wasn't one second in Invincible when I wasn't cheering on Nick and hoping that he would succeed. I hope Nick continues to be an awesome protagonist in the upcoming books in the series. On a side note I really would like to get to know more about Acheron, Ambrose, and Kyrian. I feel like the world of The Dark Hunters needed to be explained more in the upcoming books for those who haven't read The Dark Hunter series. I have never read The Dark Hunters so once or twice while reading Invincible I was a tad confused. I am starting to notice a pattern in a bunch of books that I have really enjoyed. For some reason I love reading books that place in the South. Maybe I was a Southern dude in a previous life who fought in the civil war, who knows? Whatever the reason maybe, I am addicted to reading about the Southern way of life. New Orleans is a perfect setting for Invincible considering it's the most paranormal place in the country. Kenyon perfectly uses the paranormal activity the city is famous for to her advantage. New Orleans gives Invincible adds a mystical and intriguing layer to the plot of Invincible. I have never been to New Orleans but after reading Invincible I feel like I have. Kenyon is very adept at immersing the reader in the world of the enigma that is New Orleans. Overall I really enjoyed Invincible and I am really looking forward to reading Infamous!