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The Eye of Minds (B&N Exclusive Edition)

The Eye of Minds - James Dashner Check out Scott Reads It! for giveaways, reviews & more! Thank you to the lovely Go Flash Go! from Read, Rinse, Repeat! It was so kind of you to send me TEoM and I really appreciate it ;) Thanks for being awesome!!! The Eye Of Minds was one of my most anticipated read of 2013 and it definitely delivered. I have been a huge, huge James Dashner fan ever since I first read The Maze Runner in my pre-blogging days. I consider myself a member of the Dashner Army, and I was so happy when Go Flash Go! sent me a copy of this book. Warning: This review may consist of a lot of fanboying and ranting. That being said, I loved The Eye Of Minds! I was pretty worried that The Eye Of Minds would be too similar to Ready Player One, which I really enjoyed. Sure, the books have very similar premises, but they have few similarities beyond that. Seriously, don't be dismissed by the few similarities and think of it as a "YA Ready Player One rip-off". The only reason I chose to address this concern is because so many people on Goodreads have commented that this book sounds way too similar to Ready Player One. The Eye Of Minds is everything readers have learned to expect from James Dashner: a thrilling plot, fantastic characters, subtle romance, and incredible world-building. James Dashner never disappoints! The Eye Of Minds is definitely a page-turner and I zoomed through this book faster than I expected. I only planned on reading a few pages, but I actually I ended up reading 100's of pages and a few hours went by. This book is absolutely riveting and it's incredible how easily I was immersed in this story. The plot is incredibly original with enough action, adventure, and romance to satisfy readers. James Dashner has a knack for creating such tense, action-packed books and I absolutely loved this one. Gah. Don't even get me started on the incredible plot twists that were just so unexpected and absolutely epic. If you've read The Maze Runner series, you know that Dashner knows how to create terrifying creatures like the Grievers and Cranks. Once again, Dashner has created an extremely terrifying species of creatures called the Killsims. I really don't know how to do the Killsims but they are freaking scary. The world building in EoM is thorough, extremely original, and perfectly executed. The world Dashner created is a world that I would love to live in, on one hand, but on the other hand this world scares the bejeezus out of me. Seriously, I would love to use the Virtnet without all the complications that occur in EoM. Doesn't a virtual reality sound so epic? I am the type of person who would get so addicted to the VirtNet that I'd probably lose sight of reality. Maybe I don't really want to use the VirtNet after all. It doesn't matter if you think you would love the VirtNet, it's impressive how intricate the world Dashner created is. Lastly, our protagonists in EoM are the kinds of characters that I love to read about. Michael, Bryson, and Sarah aren't perfect; they each have their fair share of flaws and faults. The thing is because of their faults and the fact that Dashner doesn't try to sugarcoat their personalities, these characters feel so realistic. Michael, Bryson, and Sarah are extremely likeable, and I quickly grew attached to them. I loved reading the banter and dialogue between the three, and they definitely made me laugh a handful of times. Seriously, I'd highly recommend reading this book because it's just so fantastic. Only Dashner could pull off a sci-fi book of this magnitude. I know I'm being very vague in this review, but I'm afraid that I will spoil something by accident. Once again, James Dashner has created a sci-fi book that is unparalleled and I'm dying to read book #2. The only bad thing about this book is how long I have to wait for the following installment in The Mortality Doctrine. Reading The Eye Of Minds is definitely a must!