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Hunger (Gone Series #2)

Hunger - Michael  Grant Seen at Scott Reads ItHunger is the sequel to Michael Grant's Gone and in my opinion Hunger was a stronger novel than Gone. Many of the problems that I had with Gone were nonexistent in Hunger. I am really glad that I read Hunger and that I didn't drop the Gone series.Hunger starts with Sam, Astrid and the other FAYZ kids dealing with food shortages hence the title Hunger. Sam has to deal with all the pains of being a leader of the FAYZ which means he has to deal with all the problems between the kids. Barriers start to rise between the kids with powers and the powerless kids. Meanwhile besides dealing with problems in the FAYZ, Sam has to deal with the Darkness, and the Coates Academy kids. Hunger was a fast-paced and action-paced book that I devoured immediately. Hunger left me hungry for the sequel which I need immediately. Sorry for those terrible puns I couldn't help myself. I enjoyed Hunger more than Gone because I felt more connected to the characters. I liked Sam and Astrid alot more in this book because I felt like they were more developed in this book. Michael Grant's writing style really urges the reader to keep on reading. Even though Hunger is nearly 600 pages, it doesn't feel like 600 pages. Grant is deft at engrossing his readers to the point where a 600 page book feels too short. Frankly I didn't want Hunger to end at all because it was that good. Rarely do I read a book that is over 500 pages that I don't complain about the length. Usually books the size of Hunger usually acquire complaints from me that it was slow-paced, long, and dull. I really enjoyed reading Hunger and I really don't have really any problems with Hunger. Hunger is one of those books that makes you realize that there is some originality left in the Dystopian genre. Hunger proudly stands out in the Dystopian genre which is flooded with generic copy-cat books. Honestly if I didn't have an ARC pile that wasn't sky high I'd probably be at least half way into Lies. Michael Grant really impressed with Hunger and I'm so glad that I took the time to read it.