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For Darkness Shows the Stars

For Darkness Shows the Stars - Diana Peterfreund Check out Scott Reads It! for reviews, giveaways and more! I have never read Jane Austen's Persuasion but after reading For Darkness Shows The Stars, I just had to add Persuasion to my TBR pile. I can't really comment on how closely For Darkness follows Persuasion, considering the fact that I'm unfamiliar with the plot of Persuasion. The fact that I haven't read Persuasion yet, didn't affect my reading experience at all. I am a sucker for some good world-building and sci-fi elements. For Darkness Shows The Stars has extremely well-done world-building that is effectively spread out through the book to prevent info-dumping. Slowly, slowly all the pieces of this Post-Reduction world started to fall into place and I just loved learning more about this world. I could tell that Peterfreund spent a decent amount of developing the world and it was very intricately done. Elliot North. It's kind of petty but the first couple of chapters really bothered me. I just had trouble picturing Elliot in my head because of her usually masculine name. (I'm not implying that only guys can be named Elliot by the way, I just found it a bit unusual to name a female Elliot.) I kept on picturing a guy in my head instead of a female which was kind of irritating. After a couple of chapters, I was too immersed in the story to even bother with such pettiness. Elliot wasn't perfect at all, she made so many decisions that I don't necessarily agree with, yet I loved her character arc. I think flawed characters are the easiest characters to love because I always manage to connect with them on an emotional level. Besides I hate when characters are infallible and perfect because it's just so unrealistic. Kai is another well-done character in For Darkness Shows The Stars. Even when he acted like a total jerk towards Elliot, I still couldn't stay angry at him. Kai and Elliot are a terrific couple in my mind, even if took themselves so long to realize it. I hope both of them make a cameo in A Star-Swept Sea because I feel as if Kai and Elliot's story is far from over. For Darkness Shows The Stars isn't just a love story, it's much deeper than that. It's a story about trying to play God, social class difference, and acceptance. I was surprised that this book was thought-provoking and heavy on themes. For Darkness Shows The Stars isn't just a sci-fi book, like The Forest Of Hands isn't just a zombie book. For Darkness Shows The Stars is about hope and how necessary hope is for survival. Diana Peterfreund is truly a talented writer for updating Austen's Persuasion and managing to keep it fresh and interesting. Not only did Peterfreund create an interesting plot, she also crafted fantastic protagonists and secondary characters. Peterfreund's For Darkness Shows The Stars gave me hope and that's one of the greatest gifts an author can give. I can't wait to get started on A Star-Swept Sea and I know Peterfreund will manage to wow me once again.