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Natural Born Angel: An Immortal City Novel

Natural Born Angel - Scott Speer Seen at Scott Reads It I'm so glad that I received an ARC of Natural Born Angel because I loved Immortal City. Almost immediately after finishing Immortal City, I started reading Natural Born Angel. Natural Born Angel introduces tons of new obstacles to Maddy and Jackson's lives. Maddy has to deal with the pressure of being half-Angel and dealing with the fact that Jackson may never fly again. I loved how the Immortal City books tell the story of Angels in such a wildly original manner. The Immortal City series is unlike any series I have ever read. I love the way Scott Speer combines reality and paranormal aspects in Natural Born Angel. Even though Natural Born Angel is a paranormal book, all of the characters act extremely realistic and are interesting to read about. Maddy and Jacks may be just fictional characters but they seem like real people. Maddy and Jack's relationship is filled with ups and downs because they aren't perfect. My favorite characters in a book are characters who you can connect with on an emotional level. Even when Maddy and Jacks did something wrong, I could still empathize with them. It was hard for me to read the parts where Maddy and Jacks were fighting because I think they are perfect for each other. Despite the fact that I am not too fond of love triangles, Natural Born Angel has a nearly-perfect love triangle. Natural Born Angel's love triangle is extremely developed and realistic. In many books that I have read, it seems that the love triangle is frivolous and meaningless. The love triangle in Natural Born Angel is part of Maddy's struggle between choosing between a normal human being or living the life of an influential angel. Romance is a key factor in Natural Born Angel because it gives the reader an insider's look on the opposing sides. Scott Speer is a master storyteller. Natural Born Angel has a perfect blend of action, romance, and drama that will make readers beg for more. Speer has a way of writing everything in such a cinematic way that will really engross readers. I love the way Speer implements the use of media such as blogs, TV Shows, and reporters to advance the story. The use of media is an extremely interesting way to make the plot move forward. The best word to describe Natural Born Angel is addicting. Natural Born Angel is an extremely engaging read that you won't be able to put down. Once you start this book, you won't be able to stop reading even for a split second. You'll be up late into the night turning the pages, and just hoping that everything will end well for Maddy and Jacks. Natural Born Angel is a superb sequel to Immortal City. I definitely will be reading the sequel to Natural Born Angel. After that excruciating cliffhanger, I desperately need to get my hands on the sequel. I didn't think it was possible but Natural Born Angel surpassed all my expectations. Scott Speer outdid himself! I really hope that a studio buys the rights to Immortal City and it becomes a movie one day! Natural Born Angel is a must-read!***Thank you to Razorbill for providing me with an ARC in exchange for a honest review***