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Of Triton

Of Triton - Anna Banks Check out Scott Reads It for reviews, giveaways & more! Of Poseidon was definitely a guilty pleasure of mine and so I was really excited to start Of Triton. Numerous friends of mine have told me that Of Triton was so much better than Of Poseidon. I'm clearly going against the majority here but I think Of Triton is a much weaker novel than Of Poseidon. Of Triton lacks the humor and the excitement that was extremely evident in OP. There will be no spoilers for both Of Poseidon and Of Triton in this review. Of Triton continues right where Of Poseidon left off and Of Triton doesn't hesitate to jump right into the action. The pacing in this book is extremely fast-paced yet I wasn't really that eager to continue reading. This book mostly focused on Syrena politics and the consequences of breaking Syrena law. There is very little romance between Emma and Galen and the two of them only have a few interactions throughout the book. I loved reading the banter between Emma and Galen in OP but in Of Triton we never really get the banter I love. Emma is still an extremely likeable character but she definitely kind of annoyed me in OT. I'm don't think she really acts like a teenager and there were times when she acted like she was in her 20's. I didn't really find Emma's snarky attitude funny in this book like I did when I read OP. She kind of got on my nerves with her constant complaining about her mother. Give the woman a break, she's gone through hell and she doesn't need you to throw more on her plate. Even though Of Triton was a short read, I had to motivate myself to keep on reading. The ending definitely packs a real punch and is the part of this entire book. I'm going to read book #3 in hopes that is as fun and light as OP was. I guess this is all my fault for reading this during finals week, I wanted a light book but this didn't fit the bill. Alot of the things that I really loved about OP were really lacking in Of Triton: the humor, the romance, the banter, the excitement, and the lightness. When did this series shift from being such a light read to serious Syrena politics? I was definitely disappointed with Of Triton, maybe my expectations were too high.