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Vengeance Bound

Vengeance Bound - Justina Ireland Check out Scott Reads It! for reviews, giveaways & more!I'm a huge Greek mythology geek so it's no surprise that I was excited to read Vengeance Bound. I was so happy to read a book that focused on the Furies and I was so happy that I was approved for an ARC of it. I am extremely disappointed with Vengeance Bound and unfortunately it didn't live up to my expectations at all. Instead of an spectacular take on Greek mythology, I was treated to a typical YA romance with little sustenance and development. Comparing this book to Dexter is extremely misleading because this book is nothing like Dexter at all. Cory has to deal with the Furies and their hunger for vengeance. She is forced to kill men who have wronged women and spreads the Furies' so-called justice. The few sparse segments of this book that I enjoyed were the action sequences in which Cory and the Furies spread justice. These segments were action-packed, gory mindless fun but nevertheless I was entertained. This book opens up to an intense scene in a mental asylum and immediately started with a bang. There was little introduction to the concept of the Furies and their role in Cory's life. The backstory behind the Furies was very unconvincing and was poorly developed. I thought that the author could have used the setting of a mental asylum to her advantage but she poorly used the asylum as a setting. Considering this book is supposed to be based on Greek Mythology, the author uses very little mythology beyond the basic myths about the Furies. In fact, this book doesn't feel well-researched at all and I feel like the author only used what basic mythology she knew. I expected some appearances from either gods or demigods but the Furies are the only mythological creatures in this novel and I was annoyed how the author constantly capitalized pronouns like They or Them when referring to the Furies. What was the point of this capitalization? There was no significance behind the capitalization and it felt extremely arbitrary. Truthfully, Vengeance Bound is a contemporary romance veiled as a fantasy novel. The author chooses to focus on the dull romance between Cory and Niko. There's some typical high-school angst and drama that was so cliche and overdone to add onto the dull romance. I wouldn't have minded a romance between Cory and Niko if they were semi-interesting but there was nothing remarkable or interesting about either character. You would think that Cory would have alot of internal conflict or at least feel troubled that she is a killer but nope. All she cares about is falling for Niko and hoping he doesn't find out her secret regarding the Furies. This book was filled with hackneyed conflicts that are way too overused in YA lit and all hopes of this book being original were dashed. Another thing that bothered me was the concept of revenge on evil-doers. Isn't hurting people who wronged others still wrong? It's kind of hypocritical to say that vengeance is justice and I think committing revenge makes you just as the bad as the evil-doer. Cory never seems to be bothered by the fact that she has to avenge people and it seems like she only cares about her boyfriend. Cory even wants to attack a security guard at her high school just because he told her she had to stay in the building. The security guard is just doing in this job and you want to punch him for doing his job? That's just not right and I expected that Cory would be more conflicted about hurting people. Vengeance Bound really let me down and it was nothing like I expected. Instead of being focused on mythology, this book was more focused on typical high school drama. I am not sure if Vengeance Bound is part of a series or if it's just a stand-alone, either way I can't imagine wanting to read a sequel. Thank you Simon & Schuster for providing me with an ARC of this book in exchange for a honest review.