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Dead Ever After: A Sookie Stackhouse Novel (Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood)

Dead Ever After - Charlaine Harris Check out my blog Scott Reads It! It's really upsetting how quickly one of my favorite series became absolutely horrible. Books 1-9 were a ton of fun, they were definitely my guilty pleasure. They weren't exactly sophisticated but they were extremely entertaining. Then came along books 10-13, each book felt more excruciating and terrible than the last one. The most recent Stackhouse books are at best subpar, why did Harris have to unnecessarily stretch out this series? I feel like Charlaine Harris didn't put any effort into the last 5 books and that she was just in it for the money. In my mind, the Sookie Stackhouse series ended at book #9, it's ridiculous but that's how I feel. The last 5 books are pointless to the series and didn't really provide me with any closure. Sorry for rambling, I just had to let out my feelings about this series. Dead Ever After was absolutely dreadful, this is definitely the worst conclusion to a series I ever read. Everything about it is poorly executed and it was an ordeal to finish this book. I easily could have went on Goodreads and found out who Sookie ended up with yet I continued to read in hopes that this book would somehow redeem itself after the poor quality of the past few books. I just wanted to get this series over and done with so I wouldn't feel bad about leaving it unfinished. Truthfully if I had known how low this series would sink, I probably would have never started this series from the get-go. Dead Ever After is extremely tedious and lacks anything compelling. I could have just tossed the book out the window and I wouldn't have had any urge to continue. There was nothing that kept me turning the pages and I had to suppress the urge to toss the book across the room multiple times. For starters, this book's plot is extremely diluted and feels like one huge drawn-out mess. You would think it would be relatively easy to tie up all the loose ends in this series, considering how little has happened in the last 4 books! Yet Charlaine Harris does a poor job of wrapping up plot points and she tries to add more conflicts to this book. There was one plot point that was supposed to be over books ago and it randomly made a reappearance. Do you like to read a book about a woman who cleans? Do you want to spend pages on reading Sookie doing chores? Do you want to listen to Sookie drone on and on about moisturizing her legs? If so, then you most likely will love this book! Truthfully I didn't care about Sookie's legs or how she moisturized her legs. The "plot" of this book is literally Sookie doing chores with a badly executed mystery in the background. While people were dying in Bon Temps, Sookie doesn't really care and all she cares about is herself. Seriously who cares about people dying? Let's go to a random boutique and harass one of the workers there and be a total jerk! Sookie was so rude to this saleswoman in one of these little boutiques where she was shopping. Even when Sookie is danger, she doesn't even care at all. When she is danger with the vampires, all she cares about the table in Eric's house? She even says that she hates a vampire she doesn't even know because she walked on the table. Why the hell do you care so much about this table? Even in the last book, Sookie was constantly obsessing over Eric's furniture? A better ending to this series would have been if Sookie married that table because she is so obsessed with it. Seriously I wouldn't have been surprised if that happened because her obsession with the table is so peculiar. Sookie acts so stupid during this book that I wondered if Harris forgot to write her a brain. When Sookie gets arrested for these murders, she isn't even slightly bothered by the fact that someone is accusing her of murder. All she cares about how she doesn't look good in orange, honey no one cares whether you look good in orange or not! At one point in the novel Sookie is having a conversation and she randomly suggests: "Maybe I should write a rap song called Flanked By His Flankies". Where did that even come from? Please don't write a rap song for the reader's sake! The old Sookie would never have been so unsympathetic, stupid, and she would have never suggested writing a rap song! Sookie doesn't get any better throughout the novel and she says cliche things throughout the entire book like: "How could people so in love judge each other?" Give me a break, you're stupidity made me feel like I was going to lose brain cells. The so-called romance in this book is absurd and is a disgrace to books everywhere! I could tell early on what Harris's formula for this book's romance was. She devoted an entire chapter to each guy Sookie was involved with and she made the guy look like a douche bag. Why would Quinn and Alcide randomly just pop in to Sookie's life? Harris tried to intertwine the plot with the romance but it was an epic fail! I think Harris was trying to make readers comfortable with who she chose but it was a lame tactic on her part. I knew who she was going to choose for Sookie long ago because she made it so obvious! Let's just say that I'm not happy at all with who she chose and how she made all the men Sookie was involved with. Worst case scenario: I would have been happier if Sookie decided that maybe none of the guys in her life were right for her. Seriously Harris turned all the guys into such jerks and yet Sookie continues to chase after them and obsess over them. Sookie, you don't need a man to support you! The ending of this book was such a cop-out and was so terrible! I hated the ending so much and this is easily the worst conclusion to a series. The ending made me so angry and I felt like I had wasted my time reading this entire series. The ending was cheesy, cliche and absolutely predictable! I wouldn't recommend reading this book at all and it was torturous to read this book! Unless you're a die-hard Sookie fan or you need to know what happens, I wouldn't even bother picking up this book. There's nothing redeeming about this "final" book in the Sookie Stackhouse series and it was such a cash-cow scheme. I can't believe there's an epilogue coming out in the fall and I wouldn't be surprised if Harris added another 5 books to cash in even more on this series. This book is possibly one of the worst books I've read in so long and someone on Twitter tweeted me a blessing when they heard I was reading this book. Yes it was that bad that some random follower who I don't know blessed me after hearing I was reading this book. I refuse to pick up another Harris book ever again and I intend to keep this promise. Honestly I don't think this book even deserves 1 star!