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The Kill Order (Maze Runner Prequel)

The Kill Order - James Dashner Check out this review at City of Books When I saw on Goodreads that there was a Maze Runner prequel called The Kill Order I had very mixed feelings. On one hand I was excited that there was another Maze Runner book and maybe all my questions that I had at the end of the Death Cure. On the another hand I was kind of skeptical and thought this would be an unnecessary book and just a cash-cow move. The Kill Order is the story that takes place 13 Years prior to the Maze Runner. The world is in shambles after the flares really messed the world up causing flooding and chaos. We have a whole new batch of characters in this book. I really loved the characters in the Maze Runner and really wanted this book to be about them. I had so many questions about their life with Wicked and none of my questions were answered. Why were the children immune? was the question I wanted to know the most. The characters in the Kill Order are nothing especial. Mark, Trina, and Alec are pretty generic characters that I have read about a billion times. Mark is the hopeless romantic, Trina is his lover, and Alec is the military dude who is a teddy bear on the inside. Sound familiar? Well it should because these characters are as generic as they get. These characters lacked the development and dedication you saw in Thomas, Theresa, Alby, Newt and Minho. The plot of the Kill Order is pretty much just a bunch of action scenes. Yes they are entertaining as you can expect from James Dashner but they lacked depth. There is no heart-breaking moments such as in Dashner's books. Since there were so many continuous action scenes you never really got to know the characters so I couldn't really like or hate them. In my opinion, The Kill Order was pretty an unnecessary addition to Dashner's trilogy. I guess if you're into books with all action with no development it's an amazing read. I did enjoy it and if you like the Maze Runner you'll probably like it. I really need to read James Dashner's 13th Reality series now. The Kill Order was a disappointment because I really expected so much from it.3/5 Stars