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Chosen at Nightfall (Shadow Falls Novel)

Chosen at Nightfall - C.C. Hunter Check out Chosen At Nightfall's trailer! Ever since I read Born At Midnight, I have been an ardent fan of Shadow Falls and C.C. Hunter. It's been a real honor and privilege being a Shadow Falls Street Team member. Chosen At Nightfall exceeded all my expectations, and it's the best Shadow Falls book. Chosen At Nightfall is by far one of the best conclusions to a series I have ever read. Kylie has begun to learn more about who she is and what being a Chameleon really means. In Chosen At Nightfall Kylie has to decide whether she wants to be with Derek or Lucas. Not only does Kylie have to consider how she will be affected by her choice, but also the collateral damage of her choice. With both Derek and Lucas, there is so much at risk but so many different opportunities. Besides dealing with love and her powers, Kylie has to deal with her mother. Chosen At Nightfall is a book that is not only touching, it's also extremely addicting to read. C.C. Hunter's latest book provides an emotional, heart-wrenching, and action-packed resolution to one of my favorite series. I loved how Chosen At Nightfall explored growing up, family, and relationships. In my opinion Shadow Falls is not just a paranormal series, this is a series about learning and accepting who you are. Shadow Falls is truly a coming of age story that many readers will be able to relate to. Kylie has truly transformed since we met her in since we met her in Born At Midnight. She is still hard-headed and stubborn but now Kylie is alot more mature and rational. The fact that Kylie chose which guy she wanted to spend her life with, wasn't just a romantic gesture. Kylie's choice symbolized that she had fully matured and that she was ready to move on to the next stage of life. Kylie is now moving onto the next stage of her life and it's time for us readers to move on too. Everyone is probably dying to know who Kylie ends up with but I think all Shadow Falls fans will be satisfied with Kylie's choice. It doesn't matter whether you're Team Lucas or Team Derek, you will love the ending of Chosen At Nightfall. C.C. Hunter concludes the love triangle in a way that's best for all 3 characters. You might not like who Kylie ends up with but you'll agree that it was the best choice for Kylie. The romance of the Shadow Falls is ended on such a high note and I loved the way C.C. Hunter neatly wrapped up all loose ends. Chosen At Nightfall is C.C. Hunter's best book yet! I didn't think it was possible but C.C. Hunter out did herself with Chosen At Nightfall. Chosen At Nightfall has something for everybody: romance, intense action scenes, heart-breaking and emotional moments, and a bit of mystery. Shadow Falls outshines all the other paranormal books on the market. I am extremely excited to read the Shadow Falls spin-off and all of C.C. Hunter's upcoming books. Chosen At Nightfall is a must-read & I'd highly recommend it! If you haven't started Shadow Falls, what are you waiting for?