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Mind Games

Mind Games - Check out Scott Reads It! for reviews, giveaways, & more!Mind Games was a book that I was extremely excited to read and so I was really disappointed when I read so many negatives for it. Many of my friends didn't seem to enjoy this book and I was afraid of being disappointed by it. It sounds ridiculous, but it's the truth. That's why I waited so long to read this book and sadly, it was as mediocre as my friends suggested.I am not a fan of Kiersten White; I have never finished any of her novels. I tried to read The Chaos Of The Stars, but I abandoned it early on because I was so irritated by it. I cannot compare this novel to her Paranormalcy trilogy because I haven't read it yet. Mind Games is a convoluted, unimpressive novel that never . I never felt the need to continue this book at all and there was nothing holding me back from abandoning it. The way Mind Games is written is bland and kind of pointless. The switching of POV didn't accomplish anything and I never even developed any connection with either Annie or Fia. Both Annie and Fia were uninteresting and poorly developed; I couldn't careless about either character. Another technique that felt frivolous was the shifting from the present to the past because it didn't provide the reader with any helpful insight on the characters' back-stories. The plot of Mind Games is slow-paced and it was a drag to read this book. Despite the fact that this book is less than 300 pages, this book felt like it was so much longer. I had to force myself to continue reading this book just to get it over with. Nothing worthwhile happened in the entire novel and I can't conceive continuing this series. I expected there to be at least some action, but any action scenes were sparse or poorly written.Mind Games is a poorly executed novel with a brilliant premise. This novel had so much potential, but White squandered it with a lackluster plot, weak characters, and feeble writing. I seriously hope that Paranormalcy interests me because otherwise I'll be avoiding the rest of White's books. I feel like I wasted my time reading Mind Games and so, I will not be continuing this series.