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Pivot Point

Pivot Point - Check out Scott Reads It! for reviews, giveaways, & more! Pivot Point is one of the most surprising books that I've read all year. I can't think of a more original and refreshing novel that I've read recently. I definitely wasn't expecting to be blown away with Pivot Point, even the superb reviews couldn't have prepared me for this. All I can just say is wow! Pivot Point breaks the sci-fi mold with an interesting plot unlike any I've seen before. Apparently this book has a "Sliding Doors" feel to it, but I haven't seen the movie so I can't attest to that. Addie has a sort of superpower where she can see the outcomes of two decisions. When Addie's parents get divorced, she decided to "Search" and see what would happen if she picked her mom or her dad. I loved the way this book for split into dual narratives and that part of the book was executed seamlessly. I was extremely fascinated by the contrasting lifestyles Addie would live and how they compared. We need more original and remarkable books like Pivot Point on the market! Pivot Point is a different kind of sci-fi book--it's lighthearted, fun, and extremely simple to read. There are no fancy sci-fi concepts that will make you go "huh" and or will confuse the bejeezus out of you. Usually I hate books that are basically almost entirely romance, but in Pivot Point, it worked extremely well. In a way Pivot Point is a love triangle, but not the kind I usually hate. I actually wouldn't mind reading love triangles if they were all this well done. Kasie West does an excellent job in balancing humor and romance in Pivot. I can admit that I was extremely amused by the banter between the MC and the other characters. The romance in Pivot Point is expertly done and is so wonderfully fluffy and sweet. I really can't wait to see what direction West heads in the sequel and I am eagerly anticipating it! This is definitely a book you'll want to read!