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Star Wars: Jedi Academy

Jedi Academy - Jeffrey Brown Check out Scott Reads It! for reviews, giveaways, & more! I'm a huge fan of Jeffrey Brown and I absolutely love his Darth Vader graphic novels. Brown has created two of my all-time favorite graphic novels so I was so excited for Star Wars: Jedi Academy. Once again, Brown has proven himself to be a master storyteller and artist. Star Wars: Jedi Academy is a must-read for fans of Diary Of A Wimpy Kid and Star Wars. Brown perfectly captures the awkwardness of being in Middle School and being different. Roan's story is a tale that people of all ages can relate to; we all have felt like the odd man out at times. Add in some humor and Star Wars elements and you have the recipe for a perfect graphic novel.The drawings in this graphic novel are Brown's signature epic renditions of Star Wars characters. I absolutely love the way this graphic novel is organized and it's absolutely genius. I thought it was a superb idea that Brown decide to have the text in a handwriting styled font, but at times, this font was a bit illegible. Other than that, I loved Roan's little Ewok Pilot Comics and Yoda segments; they were absolutely hilarious!This is the perfect book for the Star Wars fanboy inside of me. I cracked up a bazillion times reading Brown's Star Wars jokes. This is just the type of book that I needed to read: something hilarious, fun, and spectacular. The best reason to read this book in my opinion is YODA. Yoda is the best character in this book by far and I was dying of laughter whenever Yoda said something.Star Wars: Jedi Academy is the book Star Wars fan have been waiting for! Star Wars fans will rejoice in Brown's superb, creative new graphic novel. There's really something for everybody in this graphic novel and I really hope there's a sequel coming out soon. Even people who aren't fans of Star Wars will quickly become fans of the franchise after reading Brown's novels.