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Quarantine #2: The Saints

The Saints - Lex Thomas Check out Scott Reads It! for reviews, giveaways, & more! I really enjoyed Quarantine: The Loners, it had a perfect blend of gore and action that I seemed to devour. Quarantine: The Saints delivers a sequel that most readers will consider worthy, but I can't help but feel underwhelmed. I'm not sure if it's because I have read so many dystopian titles since I first read Quarantine or if I was tired of reading a rehash of The Loners with a few new elements. The Saints is everything I would expect from Lex Thomas, but this time around, I didn't have such an enjoyable reading experience. Part of my irritation with The Saints stemmed from the fact that I really expected the kids to have left the school by now. I really thought that I would learn more about the world in chaos that caused the kids to be quarantined in McKinley. The reader is given a few tidbits of information from the new visitors, but nothing impressive is ever expressed to the reader. The Saints relies on the same exact formula as The Loners and it doesn't feel so fresh anymore. How many food scavenging and drama could I handle as a reader? The answer is not too much because I quickly became irritated with the same-old McKinley nonsense. It was interesting to read about a couple of times, but to be bombarded with the same plot elements over and again. No thanks! Not to mention the fact that this book is mostly concerned with Will and Lucy didn't help at all. I missed reading about David and his lack of presence really hurt this novel. The ending of this book was so obvious and I just knew it was going to end like that. Some people may consider it a cliffhanger, but I have never seen through a plot so easily. A cliffhanger should surprise the reader and make them want to read them more, not irritate them endlessly. Part of the reason why I kept reading was to see how it ended and the fact that the ending was such a poor conclusion didn't bode well at all. The Loners isn't a terrible sequel at all, but I expected Thomas to switch it up a bit. I wanted something new and refreshing, instead of all of this filler shenanigans. I believe if I had read this around the time that I had read The Loners, I would have enjoyed this far more. I will be reading book #3 in hopes that isn't as uneven as The Saints was. I can only hope that book #3 is a step up and isn't a total dud.