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Flicker & Burn: A Cold Fury Novel

Flicker & Burn - T.M. Goeglein Check out Scott Reads It for giveaways, reviews, & more! I'm almost positive that fans of Cold Fury will devour and absolutely love Flicker & Burn. I was a bit on the fence with Cold Fury, but for the most part it was entertaining. Flicker & Burn retains much of the thriller components that I enjoyed in Cold Fury, but it never seems to improve upon it's predecessors' faults. Flicker & Burn had the potential to be an excellent thrilling Mafia adventure, but the whole integration of paranormal elements ruined it for me. All of the paranormal elements in the Cold Fury series seem extremely out of place and just unnecessary. I'm still questioning why a mafia novel needs there to be a character with paranormal abilities? It's one thing if the paranormal and thriller aspects mesh well, but these two worlds never really intertwined . I felt as if there were two worlds colliding--competing--each trying to outshine each other. There was never a perfect blend of the paranormal/thriller elements and it seemed like Goeglein was a bit over his head with this attempt. Trying to create a paranormal, mafia thriller is an extremely ambitious idea, but it never really fell through. Sarah Jane Rispoli is back in Flicker & Burn, but this time she's being attacked by Ice-Cream Creatures. How scary can something referred to as an Ice Cream Creature be? What's it going to do? Make you gain a few pounds and infect you with sugary goodness? The worst thing they could probably do is give you brain freeze, but that can last only a few minutes. imageI know these creatures aren't "Ice-Cream" perse, but the calling them Ice-Cream creatures seemed to mitigate the intense, thriller feel of the novel. Honestly, I could never picture these creatures at all and I couldn't take them seriously at all. The rest of Flicker & Burn is a bit on the mediocre side and plot lines from book #1 are still, never resolved. I thought that in the 2nd book in a trilogy, the reader would at least get some more relevant info. All the information we learn about the Rispoli family is more neglible and nothing special. I kept waiting for some deep, dark secret that would totally change how I felt about this book. Needless to say all I was fed were some lousy information and truthfully I am tried of waiting for major answers after two books. Sarah Jane Rispoli annoyed the bejeezus out of me in Flicker & Burn. She is extremely self-centered and I don't understand her love life at all. A guy treats her like garbage and yet she is still clinging to him and claiming that she loves him. He hurt you badly and you're running back to him one second after the fact. I actually really liked Sarah in book #1, I thought she kicked ass and that she was my type of heroine. In book #2, she really needed to get her act together and pull herself together for her family's sake. Doug is the crown victor of "favorite character" in Flicker & Burn, but he also constantly irritated me. Yes, Doug has a speckled past and his homelife isn't the best, but does he constantly need to pity himself? Doug seriously needed to pull himself together and be strong because he can't feel sorry for himself forever. It's kind of sad, but the other characters in Flicker & Burn aren't much better at all and one of the new characters gave petulant a new meaning. I'm not going to name this character because that would be a spoiler, but this character had to think before they spoke. Literally almost, every sentence included: "That is so LA" or some variation of it. I have been to L.A. before and Los Angeles is NOT relevant in every conversation, contrary to what the character T.M. Goeglein really knows how to create a heart pounding thriller, but the thriller components were bogged down by the rest of the book. I will probably be continuing this series because I feel as if I have invested too much time in the series, not to continue. I really hoped Flicker & Burn would be a glorious comeback for Goeglein; I wanted this sequel to be absolutely incredible. Flicker & Burn never really lived up to both my expectations and to Cold Fury.