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Gray - Pete Wentz, James Montgomery Find this review at Scott Reads It! When I saw that Pete Wentz wrote a book I had to request it on Edelweiss. Pete Wentz is the renowned former bassist and lyricist of Fall Out Boy. Gray is inspired by the rise of Fall Out Boy and Pete's relationship with his girlfriend. I really wanted to like this book but I just couldn't.Gray is a depressing book that really has no moral value. It is the story of Pete's drug addiction and battle with love. I really hated how depressing this book was and this is not a book to read when you're in a good mind. Gray is a story that is written with such fantastic language and prose. This book was filled with metaphors and was written so lyrically and poetically. The great prose couldn't save this book from it's lack of developed characters and simplistic plot. Basically the main characters fights with drug abuse, he breaks up with girlfriend, and then he gets back together with her.You know how on shampoo bottles it says Lather, Rinse and Repeat. This book was written with the instructions: Do Drugs, Break Up With GF, Get Back Together With GF and Repeat. I really expected a book that would have some emotional and sentimental value. Wentz tries to written a heart-breaking tale but the reader doesn't know enough about his GF and him to have empathy. Instead of feeling sympathy or empathy I felt like this book was written in a sob-story fashion. I thought this book would end with the character rising up above his drug abuse and cleaning his life up but nothing like this happened. Wentz really annoyed me with how much teen angst he wrote this with! I guess if you like Fall Out Boy you might like this cliche book but even then I don't think readers will enjoy it.