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The Odyssey: (The Stephen Mitchell Translation)

The Odyssey (The Stephen Mitchell Translation) - Homer, Stephen Mitchell Check out Scott Reads It! for reviews, giveaways, & more! There's something so odd and strange about reviewing a book that has been read for centuries. I remember seeing The Illiad on my summer reading list when I was in 9th grade and I decided to pick it up. I only read a few pages before I had realized that it wasn't going to be a pain to read. For some reason when I saw there were ARCs of The Odyssey, I couldn't help but request it for some odd reason. The problem with The Odyssey isn't with this new translation itself, but rather with the original tale. The Odyssey is an incredible tale complete with tons of mythology, but the pacing slogs throughout most of the book. There is tons of action-packed scenes in The Odyssey, but there's too much stagnant periods where not much at all happens. Do I really need to hear what has already happened in the novel retold to me a couple of times? Homer spends too much having Odysseus or Telemachus retell what happened on their journey. I, as a reader, was very aware of what had occurred previously in the novel and didn't need such thorough recaps. Despite the qualms I have with the original text, I really enjoyed this translation of The Odyssey. Mitchell keeps an age-old tale fresh, yet stays true to the epic's ancient Greek roots. Mitchell's writing style is extremely lyrical and just a pleasure to read. I never thought I would have enjoyed Homer, especially not in the near future. Stephen Mitchell has resuscitated a tale of epic proportions, bringing life to Greek mythology in such a new, yet inviting way. I definitely am interested in reading Mitchell's translation of The Illiad in the not-so-distant future and I hope I am as thoroughly impressed as I was with The Odyssey. Stephen Mitchell's The Odyssey is a read as intimidating as Mount Olympus, but Mitchell has welcomed the reader with open arms. I promise on the River Styx that this is an extremely worthy translation. This translation is sure to attract both new and old fans of Greek mythology without a doubt.