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Prisoner B-3087

Prisoner B-3087 - Alan Gratz Check out Scott Reads It! for reviews, giveaways, and more! The Holocaust is an extremely tough subject to read about, no book could ever truly express how horrific, terrible, and inhumanely people were treated. Many of family members died in the Holocaust and it kills me to continue reading about it. Yet if it hurts me inside to read about it, why do I continue? We must never forget what happened during the Holocaust, how people were stripped of their humanity and were treated worse than property. 11 million died during the Holocaust, 6 million of which were Jewish people who were just average people. 2/3 of the Jewish population in Europe died during the Holocaust including 1.5 million children who never got a chance to grow up, to get married, to have kids, to fall in love, and to live a normal, happy life. Their natural rights were taken away from them all because they were born Jewish and that was deemed as wrong and evil. People couldn't be who they are, some Jewish people had to pretend to be Christian, while others had to convert to a different religion. People will degrade and forced to travel in cattle cars where the conditions were far from ideal and people often died in these cars. There was no bathrooms on these cars and if someone died, you had to stand near a corpse. People will forced into ghettos where food was scarce and conditions were not ideal at all. Eventually the ghettos were emptied and people were moved to concentration camps. You know what came next, the horrifying atrocities that people committed to Jews, Gypsies, Jehovah's Witnesses, homosexuals, priests, Freemasons, disabled people, etc. were all degraded, victimized, and persecuted by the Nazis. So why do I am telling you all about this? No I'm not collecting $ for charity, I think that it's important to remember. History is constantly repeating itself and genocide still exists today. There are plenty of people who denied that the Holocaust even happened. As humane citizens of the world, it is our job to remember and never forget about Auschwitz, Buchenwald, the Nazis, the victims of the Holocaust, and the constant threat of this occurring in the future. It's hard to believe but some people don't know about the Holocaust because of the abundant number of Holocaust deniers. We have to educate ourselves and the world about this human-rights violation as a prevention method so a thing like this could never occur again. So that 1.5 million children will have the chance to grow up, so 11 million people won't be persecuted and be victims of genocide. So that wives won't be widows, children won't be orphans, siblings won't lose each other all because some mustachioed maniac turned these people into scapegoats. People say that an event like this will never happen again but the possibility still lingers. All over the world, anti-semitism is rampant and it continues to grow each and every day. Even in the United States, a country filled with diverse people, Jews are hated and victimized for their religious beliefs. Genocide is still a worldwide issue with the ethnic cleansing going on in the Balkan countries like Serbia, Kosovo, and Bosnia. Not too long ago, a genocide went on in Rwanda and what did the world do? Most of the world just acted as a bystander while the Hutus mass-murdered the Tutsis. The UN did nothing and they acted as a peacekeeper, doing nothing while innocent people murdered each other. Don't listen to me, a mere teenager, listen to your morals. Do only what you think is right, never discarded your ethics, and never forget who you are and where you came from. Prisoner B-3087 is one of countless Holocaust books that I've read and it definitely won't be the last one I'll read. The author, Alan Gratz has taken the true story of Ruth and Jack Gruener and changed a little bit of the story to make it a novel for kids. This story is merely a stepping stone about learning about WWII and the Holocaust, the author doesn't dismiss the horrors. Gratz describes the atrocities of the Holocaust with few details making it a good place for younger readers to start learning about it. This book will help provide younger readers with a sense of what people went through that were kids just like them. Readers who are already familiar with the Holocaust may not want to read this one because of the targeted audience. I think that Yanek's story may not be new to knowledgeable readers but it's still a worthy read. It's remarkable how one person could survive TEN concentration camps and still live to see another day. To carry on with your live after all that is truly something spectacular and I applaud Ruth and Jack Gruener for never giving up. Readers of Prisoner B-3087 may feel that the author is rushing with stories about each concentration camp and is holding back details. I'm pretty sure that this was done intentionally due to the audience but I would have liked to have read a more thorough account. Prisoner B-387 is a gripping account of the Holocaust that is based on a true story. I quickly read through this book due to the fast-paced and it's relatively short length. I believe that the most fascinating part of this book was the Acknowledgements where Gratz informed the reader about Jack and Ruth Gruener. I said it before, but I can't get over how strong-willed and brave you had to be to survive 10 concentration camps. I truly, truly, truly can't commend those two enough because I couldn't imagine living through such horrors. Above all else, the thing that I'm taking away from this book is slightly more knowledge about the Holocaust and a heightened desire to learn more about the Grueners and others like them. Thank you Scholastic for providing me with an e-Galley of Prisoner B-3087 in exchange for a honest review.