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Gathering Blue

Gathering Blue (The Giver, #2) - Lois Lowry Find this review at City of BooksThe Giver is possibly one of my favorite dystopian novels of all time but I was very hesitant to read Gathering Blue. I read The Giver over two years ago and I just finished Gathering Blue just two days ago. Gathering Blue had mediocre reviews compared to the Giver and I was not ready to be let down. I should not doubt myself because I 100% predicted my feelings about Gathering. Gathering Blue is the sequel companion book to the Giver which was disappointing for me. Lowry completely ignores the world of the Giver and starts a whole new story with new world building. At least Lowry should have had minor allusions to The Giver but whatever. The Giver ended with so many questions unanswered and yet we are never given the answers!!!! Anyway Gathering Blue is the story of a crippled Kira who is unappreciated by society. Luckily Kira has an ability that saves her life and gives her a future in society. The characters in Gathering Blue were interesting but they lacked the emotional depth the characters in The Giver had. I really didn't have time to connect with any of the characters except for Kira. There were many characters that I would have loved to know more about but I was never given the chance. The plot felt very inconsistent and incomplete. The Gathering Blue had so much potential but it didn't execute the plot well. GB starts off decently with the idea of society but I couldn't stand how the book continued. This book had no climax or action at all and I kept waiting for something mind blowing to happen. Fans of this book will argue that there was a climax but it isn't the case. A plot twist isn't the same as a climax, a climax is the most intense part of a book. If a book isn't intense at all then how could there be a climax? I also felt like GB had no conclusion and I felt like I had more questions at the end of the book unanswered. Since GB takes place in a dystopian society I expected spectacular world building. The world building of GB was pretty mediocre because it was way too simplistic. Society was not as frightening as you would expect from a dystopia. I really felt like Lowry could have polished the world of GB in a more interesting way than she did. I really felt like GB was an attempt to make more money off of the Giver. GB felt very incomplete with it's uninteresting characters, lacking plot and conclusion. For some reason I didn't hate GB because I saw how much potential it definitely had. I feel like Lowry didn't as much effort into this book as she did with the Giver and if she gave it her all, GB would have been fantastic. I am still going to read The Messenger once it becomes available on Overdrive and I hope it isn't disappointing.