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Emily's Dress and Other Missing Things

Emily's Dress and Other Missing Things - Kathryn Burak Seen at my blog, Scott Reads It Emily's Dress And Other Missing Things is unlike any book I've read recently. I don't read alot of contemporary books so the fact that I enjoyed this book was a pleasant surprise. For the most part, Emily's Dress is a well-done novel but it's weak in a few aspects. Emily's Dress definitely caught me off guard and I didn't expect this book turn out like this! The beginning of this book was spectacular and I loved the book in the first couple of chapters. The way Burak described Claire's depression was absolutely chilling and emotional. Claire's emotional state was explored in an exceptional but realistic way. I have yet to see an author explore depression and dark emotions better than Burak. I would have loved to read more about Emily's mental state instead of the mediocre mystery. Emily's Dress quickly turned from extremely realistic and haunting to absolutely ridiculous! If Emily Dickinson's dress went missing, don't you think the Police or FBI would be frantically searching for it? This is Emily-freaking-Dickson! It felt like nobody really cared that Dickinson's dress went missing, it was extremely unrealistic. Dickinson is one of the most well-known poets of all time and the characters act like it's no big deal. No big deal, a priceless dress from an extremely famous deceased poet is missing. Whatever, I'll just go back to my life. I definitely believe that there would be some sort of national search for Dickinson's dress if it went missing. In the book, the search for the dress is very unrealistic because the police believe it's some kind of college prank. What?!?!?! For a book that is supposed to be a mystery, most of this book felt like a contemporary romance. The mystery is jammed in towards the end of the book and I felt like the mystery was solved way too quickly. I feel like there should have been subtle clues as to who the culprit was, that would have been way more effective. Instead the way the mystery is solved feels kind of illogical and ridiculous. I felt pretty indifferent towards Claire and Tate's relationship. Sure, I would have prefered more action, more mystery but surprisingly the romance was done well and didn't bother me at all. There was no insta-love and their relationship moved at a realistic pace. I definitely would have liked to see a little bit more of chemistry between Tate and Claire, but otherwise their relationship was one of the novel's strong points. Emily's Dress is a decent, entertaining book that has it's faults. I definitely enjoyed it but I wish there was more of a mystery and a realistic feel to it. I would most likely read books by Burak in the future. I wish Emily's Dress was more fleshed out and developed but overall it was still an interesting read. Thank you to Macmillan for providing me with an ARC in exchange for a honest review!