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Deadlocked (Sookie Stackhouse / Southern Vampire Series #12)

Deadlocked (Sookie Stackhouse / Southern Vampire Series #12) - I dreaded reading Deadlocked ever since I finished Dead Reckoning back in January. I knew I was going to hate Deadlocked before I even started the book but I still had to read it. I had zero expectations for this book after reading books #10 and #11. The only reason I really read this series was so I could finish this series and get it over with. Yeah I know that's a terrible reason. I really used to love this series but now I feel like Harris puts absolutely zero effort into them. I used to be able to read a Sookie Stackhouse book in a day or so because they were pageturners. The latest Sookie Stackhouse books like Deadlocked are extremely slow paced and the plots are all over the place. I didn't enjoy Deadlocked at all and I had to force myself to continue reading. There were a couple times where I got so annoyed that I started to skim parts of the book. Sookie Stackhouse used to be such an interesting and likeable character. Now, she is one of the most dull and annoying characters I've read about. When catastrophe strikes in Sookie's relationship with Eric, all she seems to care about is her furniture. Later on when Sookie's life is in danger, she cares more about a stain on the chairs than her actual life. Someone has some messed up prerogatives. What happened to the smart, resourceful Sookie? Charlaine Harris, what have you done to Sookie? Did you perform a lobotomy and remove her brain by accident? Seriously Sookie seemed to lack any common sense in this book and she endlessly frustrated me. Thankfully I wasn't reading this book on my kindle or probably would have had the urge to throw my kindle on the ground. Sookie's attempts to sound smart were so painful to read, Sookie must have discarded her brain or something. You aren't the genius you think you are Sookie! Sookie, why do you even waste your time with these men anymore? They will just keep on backstabbing and hurting you! You never seem to give up on them despite the fact that they continue to hurt you. Enough is enough! Do you really need a man to support you? Sookie is way too desperate and she needs to take a hint. This madness with Sookie's romantic life needs to life! I haven't succumbed to reading any spoilers but I have a feeling that I know who she ends up with. The plot in this book is a complete joke and is such nonsense. It seems like Deadlocked is just Sookie doing mundane tasks like shaving her legs, cleaning the house, working at the bar, etc. I could careless about Sookie's errands yet Charlaine Harris focused on them way too much. The rest of the book is a combination between a terribly written "mystery" and random interactions with fairies. There is absolutely zero suspense in this book and I feel like there was zero effort put into this book. Fairies. I hate each and everyone of the fairies in Deadlocked! Thankfully the fairy plotline was wrapped up at the end of Deadlocked. I think if the fairy nonsense went on any longer, I would have gone crazy. Does anybody else find it creepy how Sookie sleeps in the same bed with Dermot and Claude? Despite the fact they don't have sex, it's still creepy to sleep with your family members who are full grown men. Sookie even goes to a strip club and watches her cousin strip. She calls her cousin's abs delicious or something creepy like that. Then she starts to call her uncle Dermot "Sexy Farmer", Sookie needs to get herself together. I wouldn't have been surprised if Sookie committed incest. Reading Deadlocked felt like some sick ordeal because it was just that terrible. I had faith that it would get slightly better but it never did. Charlaine Harris has destroyed my favorite characters and mangled them into true messes. There is nothing redeeming about Deadlocked and I don't know how I even managed to finish. My favorite part of the book was when I finished it and no longer had to even look at it any longer. Onto book #13 I guess...