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Second Chance (The Slayer Chronicles, #2)

Second Chance (The Slayer Chronicles, #2) - Heather Brewer Find at Scott Reads It "Kid, not everything in life can be summed up neatly in a paragraph. No book has all of the answers. Not even the really good ones. You have to find the answers for yourself sometimes." I was the first to place a hold on Second Chance yet it took forever to finally come. When it came I was pretty excited because all of Heather Brewer's books are awesome. I am convinced that after reading Second Chance that Heather Brewer could never ever disappoint me at all. Anyway Second Chances leaves off where First Kill ended with Joss failing to kill Vlad Tod and so he gets a second chance. Anyway Joss's mission is to stop a serial vampire otherwise the consequence is death. I really liked how in Second Chance we see more of Joss and I think Joss is on the path to accepting vampires aren't entirely bad. Maybe I am just trying to see the brighter side of Joss but I honestly think that Joss isn't a bad person. I am mean sure he is a Slayer but he thinks he is doing the world a favor by getting rid of the "Creatures of the Night". I really think that in the next few books Joss will get a chance to avenge Cecile's death and he will learn to forgive and forget. I mean seriously the Slayer Society is completely corrupt and I could so see Joss doing a coup and reform the Slayers to only slay wicked vampires. I highly don't that could happen but who knows? Second Chance is an enjoyable fast-paced read that fans of Vlad Tod will devour instantaneously. Honestly if you're a fan of Vlad Tod and you haven't picked up Second Chance yet, what are you doing? It was really interesting to see what happened to Joss after his attempt to kill Vlad. We get more vampire vs. slayer awesome action scenes in Second Chance and even we see some characters from the Vlad Tod series. I won't spoil who makes an appearance but I assure you it's not Vlad. I really hope Vlad makes an appearance in book 3 because honestly I am looking forward to Vlad forgiving Joss. Second Chance is an action-packed book that will leave readers clamoring for book 3.