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Marvel Comics: The Untold Story

Marvel Comics: The Untold Story - Sean Howe Seen at Scott Reads It! Keep in mind that I'm not a die-hard Marvel fanboy while reading this review. I love reading Marvel graphic novels and comics but I don't really follow their story-lines. I also have seen numerous Marvel movies and I used to have a Spider-Man obsession when I was little. I really wasn't sure what to expect with Marvel Comics: The Untold Story. Marvel Comics is an extremely detailed and interesting history of the world's most famous comic book company. Marvel Comics: The Untold Story essentially is Marvel's "The Social Network" because it really goes behind the scenes and shows the ugly aspects of the comic book business. Honestly before this book, I didn't know that Marvel is a company that is based on lies, stealing, and deceit. Marvel has been accused of stealing artist's rights to characters multiple times. This book is filled with countless drama between Stan Lee and the other employees of Marvel. I would have liked to see how the creators came up with the characters and the story lines This book is extremely focused on the business of Marvel and how they survived through so many bankruptcies. It's amazing how Marvel is still around after all of it's financial troubles. I was extremely engrossed in this book towards the beginning and the ending of this novel. During the middle segments, I wasn't so interested in the plot of this book and at times I was kind of bored. This book took me 8 days to read which is an extremely long time, I usually finish books in 3-4 days. This book doesn't have that "read-me" quality that makes you want to continue reading. I felt like at times The Untold Story went on some random tangents. There were times when Sean Howe was explaining something and then he brought up something extremely irrelevant. The author would continue with the irrelevant topic and then he would cut himself off. There were a few things that I feel like the author never fully finished explaining to the reader. I definitely wanted to read more about the Marvel Films and Marvel's current state. Marvel Comics: The Untold Story is an interesting book but it doesn't really have a page-turning quality. I had to force myself to continue reading some segments and I just decided to skim some pages because I was so bored. I would definitely recommend reading this book for die-hard Marvel and comic book fans. If you're not a die-hard comic book aficionado, I'd probably only recommend this book for a report or a research paper.