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There Comes A Prophet

There Comes a Prophet - David Litwack Check out more reviews at Scott Reads It Thank you to David Litwack and Xpresso Book Tours for providing with a copy of this book in exchange for a honest review. There Comes A Prophet isn't your usual dystopian novel. For starters, it revolves around a magical place called the Keep. The past is kept secret by the Vicars and teens must go through the teaching, a mysterious ritual. Nathaniel's friend Thomas is changed forever after the teaching. Nathaniel decides he must save his friend Orah from the teaching before it's too late. There really isn't much world-building in There Comes A Prophet. The reader doesn't get the opportunity to understand how the world came to be ruled by vicars. There are explanations given but they are extremely vague and not helpful. Why did most people just accept everything the Vicars told the people? Another thing that really bothered me in this book was the characters. I was pretty apathetic towards most of the characters. Nathaniel and Orah were extremely generic and they seem to lack personality. The other main character Thomas was extremely irritating and selfish in my opinion. Thomas spent a good deal of his time complaining how everything sucked. Why sit around and complain, when there are people that needed to be saved. There Comes A Prophet is marketed as a dystopian novel but I found it to be more of a fantasy novel. The society truly didn't seem to be terrifying like most dystopian societies. The leaders were oppressive but they didn't try to destroy all individualism. I think the leaders were more of the take over the world type than the dystopian oppressors. The whole book follows Nathaniel, Thomas, and Orah try to find the Keep before the bad guys do. Doesn't this scream fantasy to you? This book wasn't particularly fast-paced and I had to struggle to get through this book. There simply wasn't anything in this book that motivated me to continue reading. Everything was rather generic and I felt like this was just simplyanother mediocre fantasy tale. The characters weren't likeable and there's really nothing special that stood out in my mind. I wouldn't recommend reading There Comes A Prophet because it's nothing special. If you have read a couple of fantasy novels, you probably are extremely familiar with this bland book. I have decided that I won't bother reading any more of the books in this series.