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On Fire: A Teen Wolf Novel

On Fire: A Teen Wolf Novel - Nancy Holder Find more of my reviews at Scott Reads It Teen Wolf is one of my favorite TV shows and it's such an entertaining show to watch every Monday night. When I heard of On Fire, I knew I had to read it immediately and so here I am reviewing it. On Fire is a well written page-turner that is essential for all fans of MTV's hit show. Nancy Holder out did herself and I didn't expect On Fire to be this awesome frankly. On Fire follows our favorite characters from Beacon Hills as they try to find Jackson who is missing. For those of you unfamiliar with Teen Wolf, it's a paranormal romance that follows Scott McCall as he try to balance his human life with the responsibility of being a werewolf. Nancy Holder does an awesome job of recreating all of the beloved characters from the show onto the page. All the characters act exactly like you would expect even though this a completely original story. Nancy Holder made On Fire true to it's source material and it even follows the dark, dramatic and even comedic tones of the show. The prose of On Fire was completely addicting and I couldn't put it down at all. On Fire was very fast-paced with tons of action and romance and was really fantastic. I can't believe June is so far away because On Fire really made me eager for Season 3. I really hope Nancy Holder pens another Teen Wolf novel because On Fire was definitely a must read! Even if you're not a fan of Teen Wolf, you'll definitely want to see the show after reading On Fire. I really recommend this book for fans of the show and paranormal romance. Now I can't wait to read Nancy Holder's Unleashed Trilogy which is a YA werewolf series that sounds awesome. If it's anything like On Fire then I know I won't be disappointed. On Fire was a surefire roller-coaster ride of a novel that readers will devour eagerly.If you haven't read On Fire what are you waiting for??