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Devil's Bargain (Red Letter Days - Book 1)

Devil's Bargain (Red Letter Days - Book 1) - Rachel Caine Seen at Scott Reads It Devil's Bargain is a book written by Rachel Caine of Morganville Vampires fame. I didn't really have any high expectations going into Devil's Bargain and yet I was still disappointed. I was looking for a fun, and light paranormal mystery that I would enjoy but Devil's Bargain just didn't fit those requirements. Devil's Bargain takes the cake for being my least favorite book of 2013 (so far). Jazz's partner in crime been committed of murder and she is pretty much a wreck. Soon she makes a deal and starts to receive red envelopes with weird investigation cases. I didn't like Jazz or any of the characters much at all. All of the characters in the Devil's Bargain were bland, undeveloped, and just uninteresting. I couldn't make a connection with any of the characters because they were just so uninteresting. It was extremely stupid how Jazz decides to check out of the hosptial against the doctor's orders. Why does Jazz call James counselor every five seconds? Jazz is just your typical investigator and Lucia is just your typical partner in crime. How do Lucia and Jazz become best friends in literally 30 seconds? Right after meeting each on a plane , they become best friends and start doing everything together. Jazz and Lucia's friendship was beyond ridiculous and it really infuriated me. I am not sure how Devil's Bargain is considered a romance or mystery. There is zero romantic chemistry between any of the characters and James Borden was one of the worst love interests I have read about. The mystery in Devil's Bargain is lacking and so is any suspense. The fact that Jazz is an investigator, doesn't automatically make this book a mystery. I felt like the entire book was Jazz just going on random cases without a true purpose. We never really learn much about James Borden at all and there was no true devil in this book. How can you have a book called the Devil's Bargain and lack a devil? It would be fine if there was a metaphorical devil but there is no metaphorical devil either. Devil's Bargain was one of the worst paranormal books I have ever read to date. This book lacked any plot, tension, or anything memorable about it. The characters were one dimensional flat characters that lacked any depth, emotion, and personality. I felt like my ARC of the Devil's Bargain was missing a huge chunk of the book because there was no mystery or romance. There was little conclusion and I felt like nothing was actually resolved in the end. I would not recommend this book to anyone and now I am questioning whether I should read Glass Houses.