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FML - Shaun Hutchinson Seen at Scott Reads It Have you ever seen any of those teenager movies where the guy crushes on a girl for years and finally works up the courage to prove he likes her at a party? If you have seen any of those raunchy movies then you're already familiar with the premise of fml by Shaun Hutchinson. Simon Cross is your average geeky teenager who falls in love with the most popular girl in his school. You know him as "that guy" from those movies I previously mentioned. Simon Cross is a likeable character but I have a problem with him. Simon Cross crosses the line between liking someone and being overly obsessed. Simon Cross faces ridiculous obstacles to get with Cassie such as dressing up as a woman and kissing a dog. I don't think that Cassie was really worth dressing up as a woman for and these other ridiculous obstacles. There is a point where a normal person would justt give up and just move on but not Simon Cross. fml is a fun and entertaining book but it seemed like a stereotypical party story. I did enjoy how fml was told in the two alternating storylines because that was an interesting and unique technique I had never seen done before. My favorite characters was Simon's two gay friends, Coop and Ben (I think that was his name) because they were really realistic and funny. I really like the cover for fml and this is what drew me into reading fml. This book had a really predictable ending but everything seemed to tie up nicely. fml was an interesting book that I definitely would have enjoyed more if I hadn't seen this story countless times before in every teenage movie. I would recommend fml if you're looking for a light but fun read!I would like to thank Simon Pulse for providing me with an ARC.