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The Lost Code (The Atlanteans Series)

The Lost Code (The Atlanteans Series) - Seen at Scott Reads ItI have read so many mixed reviews of The Lost Code but I really liked the premise of it. I mean seriously a book about Atlantis sounds like such an original and cool idea. The Lost Code got off to a bit of a slow start but I definitely enjoyed it. The Lost Code tells the story of Owen who goes to Camp Eden, a camp located inside a dome that mimics conditions before the oceans rose. Global Warming much? Anyway the reader is whisked on a strange journey that takes the reader to Atlantis. I'll be honest Edenwest BioDome (the location of Camp Eden) isn't such a spectacular setting. We vaguely learn about the world and The Great Rise (when the oceans rose) but not nearly enough. I had tons of questions about the domes being the inquisitive reader I am and most of my questions were not really answered. The world building isn't bad but it definitely was lacking. I did like how The Lost Code takes place in an unique and different kind of setting (a camp) as opposed to the barren wasteland or a totalitarian metropolis. From the first few pages I wasn't a big fan of Owen but he definitely grew on me. In the beginning I thought that Owen seemed rather childish with trying to impress Lily.Owen kinda reminded me of Percy at first but then again Percy was 12 and Owen is supposed to be 15. I mean dude if you can't swim, don't take a swimming test just to impress the hot life guard. There was a bit of insta-love between Owen and Lily but that didn't really bother me. Luckily Owen really matured throughout the novel, at the end he was no longer that lovelorn boy. Lily is the "smart-girl" that really puts Owen in his place and reminded me a bit of Annabeth from Percy Jackson. She was very likeable from the start and I hope she continues to be a big part of The Atlanteans series. I do hope we learn more about Lily because even though I found her to be a likeable character, she wasn't developed that much. In terms of plot The Lost Code starts off rather slowly but it eventually picked up the pace. We spend much of the beginning reading about camp activities while slowly strange happenings occur. Even though I think the camp activities were necessary in order to establish the characters and their relationships, I think it could have been shortened. Once the major conflict of The Lost Code I was definitely hooked and compelled to read more. I wish there was more Atlantis, codes, and strange happenings though. The second half of the book was definitely better than the first half. I really liked Kevin Emerson's writing style and it reminded me of the compelling style of Michael Grant. The Lost Code is a fun read that took me on a journey unlike anything I have read. Sure it had some faults but overall it was an entertaining book. The first half of the book is slow-paced but it's necessary to add tension leading up to the second half. Will I read the sequel? I'm definitely ready for a sequel because after the ending I am pretty pumped to see more Atlantis. Unlike most books, The Lost Code's romance is cringe-worthy and I really enjoyed reading about Lily and Owen's relationship.I just hope that there's no love triangle introduced in the next book!