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Dead City

Dead City - James Ponti Check Out Reviews at Scott Reads ItZombie books are just so exhilarating and intense. Does that make me masochistic that I like to read about brain eating walking dead? Whatever I'm on a zombie binge reading streak (Enclave, Dead City, Dead Tossed Waves). Dead City was a fast and fun action packed read that was refreshing to read after reading way too many dystopias. Dead City was truly an interesting and original page turner unlike anything I've read before. Dead City is nothing short of awesome! Molly is an extremely likable protagonist that was funny and kicked major zombie butt. James Ponti crafted a tale that was awesome and also heart warming. Something I really enjoyed about Dead City is how Ponti completely created new zombies. The zombies in Dead City are zombies like you've never seen them before. This is not your average middle school read. Dead City has got everything a "good read" needs. Check List For Dead City:Likable Characters ✔Intricate Mythology ✔Fast Paced Plot ✔Compelling Prose ✔Zombies ✔Nerdiness ✔ I serious loved Dead City due to it's addicting writing style, intense plot, complex mythology, and zombies. I really have nothing bad at all to say about Dead City because it was just so much fun to read. Actually the only bad thing about Dead City is how the sequel is not yet out! After that cliff-hanger I need desperately the sequel to Dead City and as soon as I get it, you know what I'm doing :) From the first sentence to the final sentence I was entirely engrossed and I just couldn't stop reading. I'm so excited for the next book in Ponti's addicting zombie series and my love of Dead City can't be justified by any review. On a side note I really love the design of the cover and the simplicity of it. Only a mindless zombie wouldn't like Dead City!**Thank you so much to Aladdin for sending me this ARC. Words can't express how much I loved Dead City and how thankful I am for this ARC**