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The Door in the Sky

The Door in the Sky - Sandy Klein Bernstein Find this review at Scott Reads It Thank you Sandy Klein Bernstein for providing me a copy of The Door In The Sky in exchange for a honest review. First of all when Sandy approached me on Goodreads about her book The Door in the Sky I was very skeptical because I don't usually read books like this. Anyway I decided I would go against my judgment and I'm happy I did.The Door in the Sky is a book that readers of all ages will enjoy. It's a heartwarming, fun, and quick read that will convert reluctant readers into avid readers. Yes it's that good! The adventure begins when Ricky gets a message from the stars saying: "Come back here at midnight, Ricky" at a show in the Chicago Star Museum. Soon Ricky, and his sister are cast into the kingdom of Gladoren. This is a book that will lure you in from the first sentence and you won't be able to stop reading. Sandy Klein Bernstein expertly creates a debut that is original as it is entertaining and funny. There were many moments while reading that I just couldn't stop smiling. I truly fell in love with Gladoren and I really wish the sequel was out already. What really surprised me about The Door in the Sky is that it's self published? I think every publisher would clamoring to secure the rights to this series once they read The Door in the Sky. I really wish this book got more publicity because it really deserves alot more attention. The Door in the Sky was a spellbinding and magical read that really engrossed me. Clear your To-Read lists and make The Door in the Sky your next read. I just couldn't bare to stop reading this at all. The Door in the Sky is a witty and original adventure that fans of Narnia and Harry Potter will immediately devour. I really liked how The Door in the Sky wrapped up nicely but still left opportunity for a sequel. I definitely want to read the sequel and I can't wait! The Door in the Sky is a solid debut that I'd definitely recommend.