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Fitz - Mick Cochrane Find my review at City of Books"All these years, what prevented his father from being nice to him? Why didn't he knock on the door? Why didn't he write a letter? Why? Why? Why? It is the central mystery of his life" When you don't like a book, who is to blame? Sometimes you can blame the author but sometimes you have to blame yourself. Fitz is a well-written book but it just wasn't for me. Fitz is the story of Fitzgerald who decides to stalk and kidnap his father who abandoned his family. I didn't know what I was getting into when I requested Fitz on NetGalley. I really liked the cover but didn't read the publisher's description at all which is my fault. Fitz is an incredibly dark book that I wouldn't read normally. The characters in Fitz were very hard to connect to or like. I'm pretty sure that there was another way to get in touch with Fitz's dad besides kidnapping him. I can understand that Fitz was in a dark place as seen by this quote "Those Years, growing up without a dad, feeling jealous and unloveable and odd". There must have been some other way to solve Fitz's father problem! For what it was Fitz was a good read with it's interesting premise. The plot moved also a bit too slow sometimes and I was getting restless in certain sections of the book. I also didn't like how the book was written in the 3rd person and I really think it would have been more interesting in the 1st person. If Fitz was written in the 1st person the reader would be able to connect to Fitz better. **Thank you to Random House for providing me with an ARC**