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The Amber Spyglass (His Dark Materials Series #3)

The Amber Spyglass  - Philip Pullman Find this at City of Books! The 3rd His Dark Materials was entertaining but I felt like Philip Pullman dragged it out too long. I loved the mulefa and the Gallvespians who are creatures who debuted in this book. I wish the book was only told from Will and Lyra's POV not Mary or anyone else because that added so many different plotlines. As Usual Pullman's world was very interesting and creative. The plot was very detailed and interesting but it was tedious. I really wish I had a daemon which is a person's soul in the form of an animal companion. I felt that having a daemon would be really awesome because who wouldn't want to have an elephant or penguin following you around? Pullman really outdid himself with all the amazing world building and creatures but the plot and pacing are good! If you liked the previous books in the trilogy you will probably like this book. I think that if the book was shorter and a little more fast paced I would have really liked it. Though The Amber Spyglass isn't the strongest book in His Dark Materials it is entertaining and wraps up the series nicely. 3 Stars-Scott