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Review: The Darkest Path by Jeff Hirsch

The Darkest Path - Jeff Hirsch
 I actually own all of Jeff Hirsch's YA titles and they have been sitting on my shelf for a while. I finally felt an urge to read one of Hirsch's books recently when I received The Darkest Path in the mail. The Darkest Path is one of hundreds of dystopian books that I've read this year. The Darkest Path isn't the strongest dystopian novel, but it is extremely entertaining and was worth a read!


          I personally wanted to learn more about The Glorious Path and The Feds. Hirsch provided the reader with a view of both sides, but I really wished this information was expanded upon. I would have loved to learn how The Path started and how the conflict escalated into a full-out war. I personally craved more world-building because the world building was minimal and very lacking. How did the states break up into The Path and The Feds? Why would people decide to join The Path? I wanted answers and I never really received any throughout the entire novel.


          I really enjoyed reading about this "Civil War" from Callum's point-of-view. I really loved Callum's relationships with Bear and his bother James. I really wanted to give furry Bear a cuddly hug and never let him go. I really wish the reader was given more finality on what happened to Bear; after a certain part in the story, Bear isn't mentioned ever again. Despite my small qualms with him, I really loved Callum's character and his determination to get home.


        The Darkest Path is filled to the brim w/ heart-pounding action scenes that were extremely well-written. The plot may not be the most original or the most refreshing, but it is extremely fast-paced and well-written. Aside from a shaky opening with an overwhelming amount of choppy sentences, the rest of the book is well-written and thrilling. Hirsch definitely knows how to write a gripping dystopian tale w/ extremely likeable characters. 

        The Darkest Path isn't my favorite dystopian book, but it had just enough action and adventure to keep me turning the pages. The Darkest Path is a perfect read for those looking for a quick, gripping adventure that never has a dull moment. I guess soon I'll be reading The Eleventh Plague and The Magisterium!