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This is how authors should behave!

Beautiful Disaster  - Jamie McGuire

    I honestly never planned on reading this because reviewers I trust have indicated that I wouldn't like this book. Recently I was asked to be on the Redhill blog tour, and I agreed to do it because it sounded like an interesting book. I wrote a honest review that conveyed to readers that I liked it, but I did have some qualms with the book. Jamie McGuire tweeted me and she addressed my review in an appropriate, respectable manner and she was also so nice! She explained to me why she had included a section in a book that I found 'icky and unnecessary' and how it had seemed appropriate after doing some research. This is how authors SHOULD handle criticism and it pleases me that such a renowned author was so appreciative of my slightly ambivalent review. 


    It's really awesome to see an author who is so considerate to readers, someone who understands that readers are allowed to have different opinions. Someone who doesn't attack readers who don't post only 5 star reviews for their book. 


    Let this be a lesson to all authors, misbehaving gets you nowhere, so why not actually encourage people to read your book by being considerate! I will definitely try to squeeze in Beautiful Disaster ASAP :)


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