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The Ethics Of Book Blogging: Separating Books And Authors

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     Recently, I reviewed Red Hill by Jamie McGuire as part of the book's blog tour , and I had written a honest review that conveyed to readers that I liked it, but I did have some qualms with the book. Jamie McGuire tweeted me and she addressed my review in an appropriate, respectable manner and she was also so nice! Then, I was reminded by a friend how she had attacked bloggers multiple times for disliking Beautiful Disaster. Had McGuire turned over a new leaf and decided not to take negative reviews personally--I like to think so, but you never know.

       All of this made me think, can you really separate an author from their book? So many of my book blogging friends will NOT read a book by an author who has attacked readers in a way and I definitely respect that decision. I also respect my friends who will read a book, even if the author is a complete bully and I totally understand their situation completely. 
     I myself find it hard to decide whether or not to read a book by an author who is a bully. On one hand, if the book is a book that I've been dying to read, does it really matter who the author is? As much as I would like to think that it doesn't matter at because I just really want to read the book, reading an author's book is supporting them. It doesn't matter if I borrow it from a friend, borrow it from the library or buy it at a secondhand shop, reading a book supports an author, whether I like it or not.