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Review: Warrior by Ellen Oh

Warrior  - Ellen Oh

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   Prophecy easily was one of my favorite books of 2013 and I was so excited to read more of Kira's adventures in Warrior. Ellen Oh is such an amazing author (and an extremely epic person), I truly applaud her for making such an engaging fantasy series. Warrior doesn't suffer from 2nd book syndrome even slightly and I really thought that this book was extremely rewarding. 
      Kira seems to attract trouble wherever she seems to step, and yet, she's one of my favorite heroines. Kira is extremely self-sacrificing and selfless; she always puts the Prince and Jaewon's safety first. Not to mention the fact that Kira is a total kick-butt heroine whose skills never cease to surprise him. There were so many moments where I just wanted to give Kira a huge hug for my own sake, Oh better not mess with Kira because that would break my heart into two. Kira has gone through so many hoops and obstacles that I truly believe she deserves a happy ending in King.
         Oh my dragons. Warrior is full of non-stop, fast-paced action scenes that were brilliantly written and I was so immersed in the world of the Seven Kingdoms. There is so much depth to the world of the Seven Kingdoms and I really enjoyed watching Oh explores so many new layers to this enticing world. I was completely addicted to Warrior to the point where by the time I reached the last portion of the book, I was filled with sadness because it hit me that I'm going to have to wait so long to read King, the final installment in The Dragon King Chronicles. The ending of Warrior was definitely the highlight of the book for me and it was absolutely epic. I desperately need King in my hands right now and I'm not ashamed to admit that I will resort to groveling if it means I can read it early! 
            Ellen Oh is a master at writing fantasy novels that are compulsively readable and brilliantly executed. Warrior is a strong sequel that maintains everything I loved about book #1 and also introduces so many wildly original concepts. It's truly upsetting that there is only one book left in The Dragon King Chronicles and I really don't want to say goodbye to these characters anytime soon. 
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